Back when I worked in retail, a colleague of mine was sharing her excitement for finally saving up to have hair laser removal on her face. 
'On your full face?' I remember my face dropping as I'm sitting down on one of the chairs (that I shouldn't sit on) in the fitting rooms, having no clue on this topic.
So here it was my first discussion about hair laser removal. I was never the extremely hairy type to research it myself, but I surely did always need to shave as most of us girls do. I was super intrigued about how it worked and whether that means you literally become a hairless goddess in a months time or what? I guess I just pictured that moment where I just wake up on holiday, all hair-free never having to shave EVER AGAIN and I was fascinated.

This is when I went on a little London search for most pain-free lasers and salons to find somewhere I could attend and get a patch test to begin with. I don't have the best pain threshold you see, let's just say I fainted getting a piercing done OK?


So before anything you must get a patch test to know that you are not allergic / too sensitive to anything and your skin adapts to the laser just fine. This includes a small rectangular patch ( about the size of the palm of your hand of each area you want to treat) it is treated as a normal appointment with a full consultation, a few forms to fill in etc so make sure to have around half hour free and book this in advance as there is no 'walk-in' style.


I did my research and found that Soprano ICE Platinum system is one of the latest lasers that provides virtually pain-free laser hair removal. I then came across Mayfair Aeasthetics Laser & Skin clinic which has three locations in London one being in Moorgate, Pimlico and in Highbury & Islington. Moorgate, by Liverpool street was the perfect spot for me.

Mayfair Aeasthetics actually uses the Soprano ICE Platinum laser so this was my top pick. Just a little more on the laser itself (as there's different types!) it states to be the first and only laser hair removal system that features a trio clustered diode technology combining three laser wavelengths into a single applicator. It is the only laser I come across that strives in 'pain-free' results and I knew this was the one I would like to go with straight away.

Personally I wouldn't say it doesn't hurt at all - you can feel it, it almost feels like a heating sensation and the longer the laser is on you the stronger the heat becomes. But then again I know friends who say they felt nothing at all. I guess it depends on how well you take on pain, but believe me if I can take it - anyone can.


Firstly you must wear protective goggles / sunglasses that they provide at all times when the laser is on. Then the practitioner uses a white body crayon to mark out the chosen areas and then adds a cooling, (& very cold) gel over the market area. So for example lower ankle, then upper back leg, then I'd turn around and we did upper quad, then lower leg - it's never more than one area per time.
For full legs it would usually take around 45 mins for me.

What's great is that you basically are always asked on 'how hot is it out of /5?' So you're always in control if you want a bit of a break if it gets too hot.

As you can only go once every 4 weeks for the face or 6 weeks for the body - the progress can be quite time consuming and it has actually taken me almost a year now! I personally had 6 sessions and feel like I could really do with another 2-3 just to really finalise it - in hope all the hair finally stops coming back. However overall anyone I have spoken to they say once you complete your course you are always recommended to do one session every other year just to keep it up and it totally depends on each individual.


I would make sure you distract yourself with chatting to the practitioner if you can, luckily I had the most lovelies person ever - a woman called Kate. We literally used to talk so much (taxes, boyfriends, invoices you name it) I would get carried away with the whole thing. Also bring your phone, answer emails - whatever it takes to not focus so much on it. I found that the more I thought about the laser heat the more I would think it is getting painful, when in reality most of the time it was just me panicking. 

Personally I would also like to warn you that for around 3 sessions I saw no difference and still had to shave as normal which freaked me out. However after sharing this with Kate she explained that this is totally normal and it is working from the root - out. 5 sessions later I could really feel that my hair started to take longer and longer to grow back! As I had a few friends getting this done at the same time as me - they all said the same thing. It also really varies on your hair type but a minimum of 6 - 8 sessions are highly recommended.

This post is in collaboration with Mayfair Aesthetics & Skin Laser clinic in return of sharing my personal experience on the treatment.


So about hair type, one thing I learned about laser hair removal is that it is actually better for those with darker, thicker hair rather than thin blonde hair! At first I totally wasn't aware of this and the way it works is that the laser is attracted to the melanin pigment within the hair which works better for dark rather than blonde hair. I of course learned the hard way by turning up all golden wearing fake tan to be told that the laser won't work over my legs (had to re-schedule for another app). Apparently fake tan can make the treatment much more risky in terms of side effects so 2 weeks wait after any sort of fake tan is needed before a laser treatment. 

Will it last for a lifetime you ask? Well personally my hair growth has definitely slowed down and I only have to shave every 6 weeks now - which is fabulous! However I wouldn't say I am hair free, my hair currently grows back slowly and is simply thinner and less of it, certain areas grow back more than other in small patches. I was advised to not shave all of my legs when I do shave and only the parts where hair grows back to not influence hair follicles to grow again all over.

Would I recommend hair laser removal?

If you have dark thick hair - this is the best thing you'll ever do. However an Eastern European blonde-me that I am, I feel like I was stuck with more sessions than your usual person due to my fair hair. My next plan is to do armpits and bikini area so I am totally up for becoming a hair free goddess still.

Mayfair Aeasthetics clinic currently has 55% OFF on all laser hair removal treatments so if you've been thinking about it - this is your time to shine (quite literally). Make sure to reference that 'Skai' recommended so you get your discount for sure!

I hope this was useful if you've been thinking about it and feel free to leave any comments below if you have any more Q's.

Love, Skai x
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