I quit my 9-5 (well, 10-6 but you know) over two months ago now and I'm here to share all the details for how exactly I managed to quit my job and be fully responsible for myself. Before we get into this, there's no secret link I'll be sharing later on in the post and this involved a lot of time, effort, early mornings and late nights that are very much only getting more overwhelming even today. It's hard because you technically have no one looking after you, but you? No holiday, sick days. Is it even worth it? Let's get right into it.


It is so cliche to say 'do what you love' but seriously, doing what you actually enjoy will make you feel like it's not work - so you will do more of it. We all know that feeling when you're in an 'okay' job and when you're asked to do overtime it's like torture. We don't want that.

I'm talking about something you genuinely really have an interest for.
I met one of my blogger friends at this event last week, she told me how she's been feeling overwhelmed with the 'saturated blogger market' and how she feels like everyone has to be this fashion blogger in order to feel accepted. And I totally agree, if you do not feel like yourself - that's also not fair on your audience nor your soul.

This girl has double the following of me and she just wasn't feeling it anymore - she told me how she almost felt 'fake' and not true to herself for showing an outfit that 'I wouldn't even wear, as I just get back into my trainers and white T after shooting. Going to a local cafe is all I look forward to'. I could tell she really wasn't enjoying this whole 'blogging' thing and as we got talking (& eating delicious event canopies) she told me more about what kind of vegan food she eats and what she orders when out. I was extremely fascinated by her choices and straight away realised that - this is something she should be blogging about! Her eyes lit up when she spoke about the food, why she turned Vegan and how she genuinely enjoyed cooking and finding vegan options. She was also a very nice vegan, her boyfriend is a total meat-eater and she was so cool about it all, she seemed genuinely interested in just sharing the options that you can have.

She text me the next day thanking me for the advice and how she is going to really think about it.  That was the best feeling, this is the feeling I'm talking about. Not a 'this is what I should be doing because it earns me money' but something 'I actually really like and could do this for a long time' feeling.

Personally, I always enjoyed communicating with people so I knew I am a people's person, I also love creating content and helping others so I pretty much ended up doing just that - consulting brands and influencers for social media advice and also blogging too. But it wasn't easy, 'blogging' and this whole social media thing wasn't even a thing when I was trying to figure out what exactly I should be doing right now. So your job may in fact still not be on the market! So best thing is follow your gut for what brings you most satisfaction and what you really enjoy.


OK now we decided what it is that brings us that exciting feeling, let me tell you how I got to that 'exciting feeling'. I remember, I was around 18 / 19 years old crying to my best friend saying how much having an 'Art' related degree won't get me no where and how I didn't want to be an art teacher and that maybe I should just go study psychology at Uni. I remember that indescribable pressure that kids have to deal with having your shit together at 18?? I know 45 year olds still trying to figure it out, this is where age is not important - it doesn't matter at what stage in life you are to know what feels right and in fact - what doesn't.

All I knew is that I really enjoyed creative work and my best friend told me she will literally slap me if I don't go do this creative Art and Design foundation course I found in Ravensbourne and will forever regret studying psychology at Uni.

I listened to her. She really was the person that knew me so well, she knew I would make a mistake and trusted her and my gut.

Later that month I got into my dream foundation course which was actually a pre-Uni course for people like me who weren't sure about what they want to do so therefore I spent a year doing graphics, fashion and film which put everything into perspective. To not dwell on this too long you can watch me talk about my school, foundation and uni journey video here.

I spent that year grinding and working on so many sketchbooks until 3am, just simply working my ass off for something that I knew I will one day create into 'something' because it felt right, it was me. Bearing in mind I had no idea what it was that I was working for (lol) I just knew this is it.

So don't expect result straight away, just follow your gut feeling of what you enjoy and results do really follow years down the line with the grind and hard work.


There's a lot of pressure nowadays on moving out, getting away from home. I totally understand we will each have a different opinions on this, some people don't have a choice but live away from family when moving countries etc. However one thing I would say that if you are still at home (and you're in that stage where all your friends are moving out) I lived at home until the age of 24 and I do not regret it.

In fact I would even stay longer if I had to because as much as I still paid for rent and food, it's not going to be the price that it is when you rent in London. I actually saved up THE MOST of the money that has allowed me to feel more secure and ready for a bad day, week or month. It simply is now the money that has allowed me to be able to take that next step.

Just to update you by this stage I did 2039 internships (well not really, but it felt like it) worked in different start-up's and companies to really get that experience of the industry - sponging everything and anything I could around me to really understand where I want to stand in this industry. At this point blogging was picking up and I was juggling two jobs at the same time, again using my time very very wisely because I simply had no other choice but do both. 1 - full time job for experience and money, 2 - blogging, the thing I actually really enjoy but don't earn from yet. (See blog post on my thoughts exactly a year ago now on the happiness of doing both - here.)

Talking about using time wisely, leads me to my next point.


OK there's 24 hours in a day. Let's say we sleep for 8 hours, then at work on average for 8 hours - we are left with another full 8 hours in the day to use to our advantage! Let's even add in the 2 hours for commute as believe me I know in London that's quite a thing, that is still 6 hours of time to use to your advantage (during my commute that was and still is my most calming time to schedule posts, edit and listen to inspiring motivational podcasts, youtube videos etc.)

To give it a bit more of a perspective I would say a usual blog piece on average takes me 5-6 hours to write. For over 3 years I worked on my blog in my own spare time which was evenings and weekends for absolutely no money whatsoever.

That's not even taking into perspective Instagram content, emails, invoices, shoots, travel and all that comes with it. But again coming back to point 1 - you just enjoy it so much you make the time for it.

Talking about using time wisely, this post is sponsored by Daniel Wellington, a watch brand I worked with at the very beginning of my blogging journey (see here) who are a pleasure to work with. I've linked the exact watch I am wearing and a 15% discount code at the end of this post for you!


I'll never forget that moment every lecturer in Uni kept telling us to set up a LinkedIn account and how 'important it is' in our industry etc. and you know what, it's so f*cking true.

I met a friend the other day who told me that their business pitch video that was presented to the investors in the room has actually reached more people on LinkedIn and they even have a potential investor now - who found them via that LinkedIn video by a guy who wasn't even in that room at the time of the pitch!

Just having LinkedIn is also not enough. Update it, make sure your experiences are up to date, have a decent professional photo and engage on there too. Following likeminded people (& no not just a hot guy / girl) that maybe you either aspire to or would like to work for is a must, stay in the loop, stay connected.

Also it's not all just about online interactions, at events - I have a rule that when attending any event I speak to at least one person. I also make sure I thank the PR / marketing person who invited me in person and have a chat with them too.

You simply never know when an opportunity arrises and that one person you once met might just email you with a possible job opportunity. My very first agency job did in fact begin with a one-day-a-week internship from a guest lecturer at Uni! It's insane how closed off we can sometimes be, so always stay aware.

This post is sponsored by Daniel Wellington watches, all experience and opinion as always are my own.
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So how did I quit my job you ask? I worked my ass off for 5 years building on that 'gut feeling' on that something special that I really enjoyed in my spare time and while staying connected with the industry I finally found my 'place' in it. I found myself with enough (never too many!) connections from the blogging and marketing industry to be able to have enough jobs coming through to keep me going. I also as mentioned saved up, so I had enough for a bad day and month.

My current position is working with beauty and lifestyle brands to help them with their social media strategy, influencer marketing and I really do enjoy it. I also consult influencers too - this come about when I had a lot of DM's about it and just started to meet these girls for a coffee. I simply want to be there, guide someone as I never had that when I started. And of course, blogging is also a huge part of my life too - I really enjoy working with likeminded brands and people and so far all is good. Who knows what the next few months, years will bring - but I surely know I will keep you all updated.

I really hope when you read this, you understand that I am not here to say quit your job and all will be perfect! No, no.

I am here to say that sticking to your true passion will get you places, you might in fact not even want to leave your job and just looking for a new adventure which is also amazing! I'm just a huge supporter of people who simply do what they love.

I really hope this wasn't too long and you found this helpful in any way. Please do comment below I would love to hear from you as always and feel free to follow me on my socials to follow the rest of the journey!

Skai x

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