One of the biggest reasons for travelling across the world from London to Bali was actually because of this amazing villa. I was kindly invited to come visit the beautiful Karma Kandara resort in Bali and did not blink twice at this opportunity.
This trip then actually made us book other places around the dates and even extend our trip! When visiting Bali I would highly recommend to make sure you explore the whole country, culture and different places.

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Upon our arrival at Karma Kandara we were greeted and introduced to all of the facilities in the villa by super friendly staff who looked after us from day one. Every villa was an absolute dream with amazing views, some closer to the sea views than others, we even saw some villas that you get to step right out to the sand, which also looked incredible!

Interior throughout was very warm, modern and chic, all felt very luxurious and special yet with sparks of Bali culture with straw roofs, stone hallways and palm trees. 

Around the villa we were warned to not leave food around and close the villa doors immediately as apparently monkeys like to visit now and then!

Each morning we had breakfast at their private dining area, which is also where lunch and dinner is served. 

Again, wonderful views. 

The food menu was in a shape of a newspaper so you could actually read through all the possible options varying from Acai bowls, English breakfast, American pancakes and strawberries on toast - whatever you liked. You would also get a selection of fresh fruit, choice of fresh juice and even cocopops if you wished (oh I wished it). 
If you look down from the restaurant there is the main Karma Kandara infinity pool which overlooks breathtaking views and you simply do not want to leave. We actually only got to spend a day at this pool as the rest of the days this space was reserved for a wedding! I actually got to see the flower ceremony set up, the restaurant area was all dressed in white, tables pushed together and reserved out for the guests - it must have been perfect.

Our villa was the perfect location for any cheeky Instagram photos so it was fun to get some sunny content while away! You can see more of snaps from Bali (& of course now from London) on my Instagram

By around lunch time, most of our days were spent down by the beach area where Karma Kandara Beach club is based. It's a private area by the sea where you must give a Villa number in order to even be able to be there! You can order pizzas and cocktails, sunbathe and simply relax in a the most peaceful place. If you walk further down you are able to enter the public side of the beach which we visited a few times too.

For those who are not staying at Karma Kandara villas (as I totally understand it is a luxury treat) - I would highly recommend to look into coming down to the Karma Kandara beach club for a day because it's absolutely worth it!
Another amazing thing about Karma Kandara is their Spa facilities. I have never ever experienced better views while getting a massage, ever.

Upon our spa arrival we were greeted with amazing honey and ginger teas and got to simply unwind and relax. Then we got to spend around 30 mins in their private Spa area where you can enjoy the jacuzzi, the open to sea shower, hot sauna. 

Once you're ready you're invited into a spa room (one I went to was with the views to the sea from the mountain, they also have another spa room right by the sea) and honestly I've had many massages in my life (due to lower back problems) and these women were amazing. I even asked them where I could leave feedback as the staff were extremely well-trained, I felt like I was in a new body afterwards, it was much needed.
One of the evenings I was kindly invited to a Full Moon Yoga by the sea which was insanely peaceful. I even swapped Instagram's with the lady who did our yoga, she was also the manager of the Karma Kandara Spas so it was nice to see her again.

Upon my arrival in May I actually just missed their Wellness retreat, it looked amazing and life changing in photos and I was lucky enough to experience a yoga session the way everyone at the retreat did too. However for a full experience I heard there is one in September and I am very tempted, it would be incredible!

This post was kindly sponsored via a complimentary stay at Karma Kandara in Bali, the full Bali trip outside the resort and all opinions and recommendations about Karma Kandara are true and honest, as in all posts.

My conclusion is that Bali, is a  peaceful and beautiful country as an overall. There's something about this place that really makes you stop, think and re-think again. It is very important to go see it in it's full natural beauty. See the elephants, see the monkeys, visit Gili T and Nusa Penida islands.

And then when you're after a place to just simply be, breathe in and out and enjoy - Karma Kandara is your place.

And that is all in paradise my lovelies. I hope you've enjoyed this post and will be able to visit Karma Kandara for yourself one day to experience the amazing views and people out there.

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Until next time
Love, Skai x

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