I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Bali in Indonesia and of course here I am to share all the details with you! From where to stay, which cab services to-not-get, eat and explore - I hope you're as excited as I am, so let's do this.

Our trip to Bali began in Seminyak, we arrived at our first villa called Alam Bidadari which was absolutely beautiful and you can watch the Villa Tour vlog here. We had our very own private pool and all you could ever wish for when it came to staying in a place while also exploring the country. There was room service where we ordered the food most evenings as we were absolutely knackered by the time we were back home after a day of exploring. There was even super cheap massages you could order to your room within 30 mins which we also did once. I mean I don't know one person who didn't take advantage of the cheap massages when in Bali hey?


Monkey forest was an absolute must see place. I don't think you feel as far away from actual London city until you go and see the greenest forest full of monkeys who genuinely live there. We travelled to Ubud with a normal blue cab service they have on the streets of Bali. I highly recommend to download the 'GRAB' app which we only got to know about towards the end of our trip! It's like Uber, we seemed to be fine with it but one thing you must know is that at the end of the day it's just a random dude with his family car, driving you from one place to another making some money. So the risk is there, just like with Uber. We were a little wary about it at first but once we had pleasant trips (that were also almost half the price to the blue cabs!) we couldn't believe the prices we were paying before. As we're on the subject of cabs - there are NO CABS from Ubud it's actually insane. No blue expensive cabs, no Grab app - nothing but their personal cab stations. We had to negotiate a price with a local cab service and do expect them to have prices high to begin with. I would say with anything and everything we bought from markets to cabs and souvenirs anything they say in price - half it for what it's actually worth. Of course, if you want to tip them for service or just feeling generous then go for it, Bali is not an expensive country - but trust me especially towards the end of the trip it all adds up.

Clothing! Wear as little accessories as possible. Pack away any big earrings, sunglasses, hats as trust me those monkeys don't hold back! One of them LITERALLY came over and checked the inside of my bag. I didn't have any food in there so thank goodness I didn't get robbed...by a monkey! Some of the monkeys jumped on some people's backs - they don't do anything aggressive, they're just enjoying their freedom and are confident creatures.

Otherwise they're not dangerous, they're just there to live their life and get as much food from these tourists who come over and look / take photos / stare at them.


You know when you're browsing through Pinterest and think how on earth do these people get these amazing photos? Well visit Nusa Penida and you pretty much have THE holiday goals photo. It's a wonderful island near Bali that's around 30 mins boat ride from the coast. I would say best to book this when you're there, we found an office by the coast who did a package including a tour driver, lunch spot and took us to 3-4 places all around the small island in 24 hours.

Yes I was shaking knowing I'm by the edge of a cliff.

We stopped by for lunch at a someone's home - there were kids playing and lots of little houses to our realisation that it was a villa for people to also stay over at! We didn't stay in Nusa Penida but we definitely found out that you could and I would recommend to think about it. There's not only the beautiful shore views, there was also a secret beach we went to which was ideal with lots of tourists and coconuts to enjoy.

Note to self and you: if in Bali again, stay over one night in Nusa Penida so you don't feel rushed around the tour. As much as we loved having a driver take us around (and may I say get us some amazing photos!) we did feel like we were ticking to a timer, whereas if you stayed there over night you probably could have relaxed and enjoyed the island even more.


Elephants, OH ELEPHANTS. I absolutely lost it when I saw them. I couldn't stop looking at them, I just wanted to stand there and watch them.

Confession: Dumbo was my favourite Disney movie.

They're such smart animals, they could hug, understand you and of course even carry you around their park. We made a confident decision that we don't want to support the riding of the elephants before we even booked this. We simply went to spend time with them, feed them and watch their lives in the park. Getting to the Elephant Lodge wasn't too bad from Seminyak, again we simply ordered a cab via Grab app and after a drive via forests we made it.

After seeing the elephants in Ubud, we also noticed that we were close by the rice fields as well as the waterfall so thought why not make the most of us being there and asked the driver to take us to both. Our 'grab' cab driver was very happy with an agreed fixed price for the day and was happy to wait around for us and look after us that day. By the rice fields there was a cute restaurant too which looked amazing and would highly recommend if you have the time. Unfortunately we had to rush off!

The sun goes down very early in Bali and by 6pm is pitch black so we had to make our way to the Tegenungan waterfall (as we were determined to make all three locations that day because we wasn't coming back to Ubud again) which was a VERY LONG way down the steps, but of course very worth it. Lots of people were literally swimming in it (and ruining people's Insta shots) but it does seem pretty filled with rocks and stones so it's not THE destination for a swim.


Gili Trawangan Island is one beautiful location you will only ever visit if you're passing Bali. I personally found myself most amazed and relaxed in this island as you can pretty much cycle around it in an hour, if not less. We stayed in a small villa near everything, there are no cars and the only thing running on petrol is their garbage truck. The whole island runs on bicycles, horses and walking. Everyone is simply enjoying the beauty of the sea and each others company. We found ourselves chatting to staff in restaurants (who also kindly bought the right 'liquid' for my leg once stung by jelly fish!) and just felt everyone's friendly spirits all round.

We enjoyed a sunset view at Casa Vintage Beach restaurant which I would highly recommend. From evening views to fire pit every night - it was the perfect place to be.

One evening we were cycling back home to our villa and stumbled upon a movie night by the sea and it was beautiful. If you're going to Gili T make sure you stay a minimum of 2 nights to really get the feel of the island.

Note to self and you: Make sure you take your shoes off before entering villas, shops and any other private spaces as it is seen rude if you don't. I got to experience this first hand as I confidently walked into our villa upon arrival and saw the guys eyes pop out when I did - I surely never did that again.

BAG: market in Bali

Exploring Bali from Seminyak, Ubud, Gili T and Nusa Penida we were ready to relax in Bali and found the perfect luxurious paradise. We had just over a week of exploring and took 4 nights to stay at Karma Kandara Bali

Karma Kandara is the ultimate destination for the luxury treat and views of the real Bali, Indonesia. It is located away from the main city and really feels like a getaway place with wonderful views.

Bali is a very spiritual country as an overall, one thing I will remember about Bali is the smell that most places had. To try describe the smell of Bali I would say it's a scent of honey, rice, ginger and smooth flower scents. (Also a sticky feel of humidity for sure, it is so humid!)

They would burn this small basket in a shape of a straw box filled with scents, flowers and was burnt for luck in most places. You'll know what I mean when you see them, they place these just outside the doors before stepping inside, which you will see many of. These are small baskets called 'Canang Sari' that Balinese offer to their Gods three times a day. 'It is a ritual of giving back what has been given to you by the Gods. It is a sharing that is not based upon fear, but on gratitude to the richness of life. It is a duty and an hour at the same time for Balinese perspective a very natural way of maintaining a good relationship between people and spirits' 

I'm so glad we started our days early as I mentioned earlier evenings stumble upon you quicker than you think, so an early 7am start is perfect.
I will be doing more of a full round blog post for Karma Kandara villa and our time there with all the details in the next two weeks, but look at this outdoor spa??

Karma Kandara offer fitness and wellness retreats often and the next one is in September 2018! I am super tempted to come back here and after all my treatments and beach yoga I hands down recommend this place for a total wind down.

 This post was inspired with the help of Karma Kandara for gifting our stay for the 4 nights, however all travel recommendations and opinions are my own.

I hope you've found this post useful and enjoy watching my Bali vlogs along the way for the all round experience! June will be filled with more Bali vlogs on my Youtube posts so you can see the full experience in video too. Make sure to keep checking back and follow me on Instagram for every day posts!

Please share your Bali tips and places below as I would love to hear from you all.

Love, Skai x

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