OK there's no 'secret' I'm about to share here (soz) and I am definitely not here to say I am 'body goals' however I am here to tell you what has worked for me to get to where I wanted to be.
I have been working out for over 5 years now, some years very hardcore (4-5 times a week) and the last year has been a little tougher (working out when I can, mixing it in with my jobs which ended up being once a week, sometimes once every two weeks). Meaning I have been super slacking with my diet and exercise as an overall until the last few months when I decided enough is enough. Just to identify what my 'Body Goals' is. I wanted to be healthy again, I wanted to eat and drink what supports my body, I wanted to get back to exercising - properly. I wanted to get back into weight training and lift heavier, push myself. I also wanted to lose a couple of gained kg's that genuinely didn't make me feel good in my own body anymore. And who am I to identify anyone's 'body goals'? Nobody. Each person will have their very own ways and reasonings so I'm just here to share my own and hope some can apply to you.


As soon as myself and Lee moved out to our new apartment, to not only money-manage our lunch spendings we decided to cook our lunches for the week ahead on Sundays. Honestly, this has been health (and money) changing! Also we started to experiment with new things like our George Foreman indoor grill which has influenced me to finish all my Protein World protein pancake tubs and grill chicken breasts.

As long as there's a microwave and a fridge at your work place we have absolutely no excuse of why we're not packing our lunch right now? Not only does this guarantee us a healthy meal prep each day (that is if you cook a healthy one), it has highly benefited my savings ( let's say £5 a day - £100 a month, £1,200 a YEAR! just sayin'.)

 Obviously that's not counting-in the money you would spend buying the food to meal prep, but we all know that will be way cheaper than buying food out for lunch.

In terms of tracking what food and how much of it, after 5 years of being involved in the fitness world I genuinely found My Fitness Pal to be the best tracking mobile app for the food that I am eating. It's so simple to use, you just scan or type up what you're having and can add in your daily weight etc. Without going into too much depth, whatever your goal you can add your weight, water, exercise, lunches and actually track it all for balance. You can even add your friends, spy on what they're eating and like each other's updates. I don't track my macros throughout the year usually, but I have been the last three months and it really does allow me to find that balance and understand portion sizing better.


Yes yes even I've been there with the 'I haven't got enough time', 'I'm always working' but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to avoid working out when we all know the benefit it brings to us. As harsh of a reality is, weight gain a lot of the time happens due to poor diet AND not giving your body enough movement e.g sitting by the desk 95% of the day (sounds familiar? me too).

I actually began to literally schedule my workouts the same way I do my meetings and only then did I actually got my ass to the gym. Schedule it in, book yourself in whatever you want to call it - exercise has been my absolute key to getting into the shape I wanted to be.

Also what I noticed, it is extremely important to do what you enjoy. So if you actually don't mind swimming  - do swimming. It's a great cardio exercise for full the whole body. If you prefer a class and prefer someone to push you instead of being alone at the gym - do just that. Don't settle for what you don't enjoy because you're simply more likely to back out last minute if you wasn't looking forward to it in the first place.


I am always at events, a lot of us bloggers find each other at these and we discover new brands and launches and all is fab. However what fabulous event doesn't have a glass of bubbles to accompany you with? Hands down every event I go to there is of course - alcohol. I don't blame the companies no - but I blame my lack of ability to say no! I am absolutely terrible. I see a fresh, ice cold bubbly glass filled with champagne after a long day's of work and I'm there like YES PLEASE SIR to a top-up. So I have been very much simply making myself not drink at events and instead create like a 2 days a week rule of allowing that few glasses less than before. Also turning to red wine instead of a sexy-berry-margarita-on-ice has worked a little to my favour with all those irrelevant sugar syrup calories. Also, since having more days to focus on my blogging career I decided to turn back to health and wellness posts as it used to be before. That's the beauty in blogging - you decide what you talk about, so I choose lifestyle and health! By the way, incase you're wondering this beautiful Spa Day was in the UK (yes!) at Stoke Park, highly recommend and I am so going back there in July.


The berry margaritas and champagne glasses leads me on to sugar and salt intakes. I did not realise how much sugar I used to consume per day in just coffees and teas. E.g 1 spoon of sugar in 2 coffees per day thats a full cup of 10 spoons of sugar per 5 days! I first went down to half a spoon for around a month and then totally cut it out. Now I can't even imagine adding actual sugar to my drinks and it's been the best thing! Talking about sugar, it's in so many things already like bread and biscuits that the last thing we should want to do is add any extra to those. Another little life-changer I have also done is taking the right supplements such as vitamins, skin support ( I set a reminder each day to take them) and also turning to soya milk instead of cows milk (just for myself).


As a blogger you have to be careful about which brands you feel comfortable with sharing with your audience and know which ones are simply not suitable. For example I am always very keen to hear about skincare, beauty and travel opportunities however posting about cat food would probably confuse us all.

A couple of months back I received an email from the lovely Ed from The Blogger Programme which is an influencer agency I work with who told me about receiving Lipofirm Pro treatments at Coco Nail Bar salon in the West End in return of feedback.

I'm not going to lie first impressions - I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to try or talk about, but I was curious. My knowledge about it was very little and 1. I needed to check if this was in any way surgical. 2. If this was actually effective.

As Ed told me more about the new method and how popular Lipofirm Pro has been with celebrities and everyday people, I was keen to find out more and join the blogger group of girls (check out Deniz, Fabianne, Victoria and Massiel) who were also going to be doing their treatments for their chosen areas (you can pick from tummy, face, legs, bum, arms etc.). Lipofirm Pro is a skin firming, toning and cellulite improving method which is non-invasive, non-surgical and basically contouring for body and face.

Personally I was very intrigued to see if I could reduce some of my cellulite on my legs, I found that it has gone worse in the last year (as I slacked in exercise and diet) and was very keen to get started! It was also perfect timing as this was around the time I was getting my diet and exercise together.

 I did the areas of back and front of my legs focusing on inner thighs most. I was super tempted to pick the bum area (because who doesn't want a 'butt lift'??) but I had to be realistic with what I wanted achieved and which area was struggling the most.  I find that cellulite for me only appeared most when I gained weight, of course with age and I do feel that genetics play a big part in this too.

After the first 2-4 sessions I honestly didn't notice much of a difference apart from right after my skin felt tighter. I remember actually getting a little scared that I won't be seeing any difference at the end of it!
However as soon as it hit my 6th session (I went once a week) I can't even explain how happy I've been to be able to finally see results and reduce the uneven skin and cellulite on my legs! I think it was working from the inside out so my best results shown up towards the end of the sessions.
I tried to create a before & after for you - but promise you it has definitely worked! I was going to say if you know me in person - just ask me to show you - but that might be a bit weird. The girls at Coco Nail Bar are amazing too, they tell you straight away that if you're here to 'lose weight' and not going to diet or exercise then you might as well forget it.

They're super straight forward about Lipofirm Pro and how results are most dramatic for those who are in it to improve their lifestyle as an overall. It's a little on the pricier side usually but I do feel like it has been very much worth it. I feel like now I've had a full package I will come back for one-of's when I can and feel like I need to just to try avoid the cellulite building up again.

I personally would recommend around 8 sessions in total and wouldn't recommend below 6 for results. Now is it painful you're wondering? Not going to lie it feels like an elastic band hitting your leg, so it's a little pinchy but before I knew it the girls had fresh lattes and fabulous chats to distract me with from the pain. What also helped me is when one of the girls explained to 'just think of the pain as those fat cells being attacked - you'll start to enjoy it'.

 And of course how could I not have any type of discount for you! In May 2018 Coco Nail Bar have some amazing packages like Stomach & Waist = usually £180, now £100, Buttocks = usually £180 now £100! I would highly recommend to email them and explain that Skai recommended and what discount they can offer you!

Funny story, once I came in to the beauty room faked tanned feeling like a golden goddess to realise the gel from Lipofirm obviously made the instant tan come off on the towels. Oops.

(P.s omg. They have an actual cocktail bar inside the salon. Good luck passing it when going inside the treatment room)

I hope you're enjoyed this personal post and let me know what has really helped you?

Let's do this.
Love, Skai x

This post is an honest opinion filled with personal recommendations. Lipofirm Treatments were gifted in return of an honest review by The Blogger Programme and Coco Nail Bar.

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