I don't know about you but its been a LONG year. I feel like so much has come my way yet how is it 2018 already? 

I find myself sitting in my new cosiest white dressing gown (the best Christmas present from mum) sipping on a cup of tea, still cannot get over that the festive time is over and now we need to think of how to get rid of our christmas tree (getting a fake one next year 100% so we can store it away and re-use!). 

I've taken time off for the very first time this year. By time off I mean I literally had plans to sit at home, visit family, best friends and simply be. I feel very lucky to be able to just have time to think, declutter and plan wisely for the new year. Those that have ever worked in retail will know what I mean, even though it has been a couple of years since - working in retail pretty much meant NO HOLIDAYS FOR YOU. But I always remember and feel extremely lucky to be able to manage my time now. 

I have been thinking of ways to be more productive this year and plan my time wisely, I find that if you're comfortable - it's time for a change. And I don't want to be comfortable, I want to be challenged, excited, maybe that means also anxious but proud.

'if you're comfortable - it's time for a change' 

Thinking about it and going through my 3,000+ camera gallery I feel like I was running and running the last year, seeking opportunities, going to every event that was on, taking on chances and relative-work all at once. I am happy I did so and happy with some of the little pinch-me moments that I have achieved this year but I really want to declutter and focus even more this year.

My most proud moments include getting to travel a little more, I went to Corfu in Greece with my best friend, Rome, Italy for our 5 year anniversary and New York for my 25th. Becoming an ambassador for Women's FootAsylum and their new campaign was a huge achievement and also starting to earn from what I love - sharing my favourites, lifestyle and experience with you all via my blog! My one biggest milestone this year has to be helping to manage a campaign for Lipcote & Co with Bureau, a London agency as well as being one of the ambassadors for the brand I work for and truly love!

Lipcote & Co

I had the honour to join a team last year which has the exact views like myself - working with nice people with values and same intentions. The whole team did amazingly with the planning of #LockYourLook campaign for Lipcote & Co and when helping to choose the right people for this campaign I made so many friendships and connections. I had the honour to go through the full journey of chatting to then meeting every single one of the ambassadors on this campaign and also be one of them!

Just a little update for those that don't know Lipcote & Co owe two products called Lipcote and Browcote. Lipcote is a lipstick sealer and Browcote is a clear waterproof brow gel both ideal for busy lifestyles. I honestly use Browcote on a daily basis, whether it's running from the gym into a meeting I like to make sure my look is sealed throughout the day!

'I like to make sure my look is sealed throughout the day'

So taking all that's come with 2017 I wanted to gather 5 tips I will be following myself and recommend to go by to squeeze the best juice (or champagne) of 2018.

1. Write It Down

Just as I am doing now, there is something therapeutic about actually writing down your plans on a page. If typing on an iPad is your thing too - then do that! Buying a diary has to be one of my most exciting parts of end of year. Luckily I had one of my best friends get me one for my birthday last month - that's how much they know me and my obsession of diaries.

Make sure you buy a diary that you would LOVE to write in and I mean this. Get one with nice sleek, thick paper inside - think about do you want lines or empty pages, do you want nice motivation quotes inside or maybe a beautiful cover? Whatever works for you, invest in it. 

2. Gather Inspiration

You would be amazed how many more ideas you will get by simply gathering inspiration! Go on Pinterest, create boards - pin photos that inspire you. Whether it's a photo you like the editing, the location or some interior inspiration for changing up the living / working space at home. Save inspirational photos on Instagram. You can 'save' into different albums too, create some albums and get saving!

I do this before going to shoot for a particular campaign, I have an album for 'bloggers to contact' If I believe they're suitable for a brand I have coming up or for my own photos too.

Upgrade your editing apps, look through magazines - hang them up on a wall if that helps!

3. Declutter

It's time to get rid of clothes you no longer wear - sell them on Depop, give them to charity - simply declutter. I've done this recently when moving into a new place - it's funny its only clothes but oh does it help clear your mind and home (and all that space you've been holding up).

Declutter - mentally too. Try let go of bad habits, when you find yourself in that moment - pause, take a breath in - and - out. Do something else / change the surroundings, just get out of that mindset that sets your bad habits and try do more of what motivates you instead.

4. Focus on one thing at a time

Easy to say but for real, focus on one thing you really wish to achieve and set yourself a time / days you need in order to achieve it. I've recently watched a video on youtube of a man who gave himself a 'challenge' every month of the year to learn a new skill - which I found so fascinating and eye-opening to how much we can achieve if we just put our mind to it. 

When you do focus on that thing, give it your 100% make it your project, be hungry for it. Also let's stop procrastinating- you're better of going for it than not. Ask yourself, what's the worst that can happen? Most likely it's not as bad as you think and probably not bad at all, you will come out stronger and more confident if you do go for it. Failing is a beautiful thing - you learn so much more than if you did nothing at all.

5. Reflect on your journey

As much as it's important to be achieving your goals its an absolute must to simply reflect back on what you have already achieved. It's so easy to get lost in the everyday life and move along as if you've not been doing much when in reality you'l be surprised how much you already have. I did an Instagram Story '2017 Highlights' and not kidding before doing it I thought I won't have a lot to share, in fact was not going to do one at all. Once I did one I noticed how many amazing memories and moments I did experience in the year.

Thank you all so much for all your support in the last year - it's been an incredible journey and wish you all a wonderful 2018 filled with lots of dreams, opportunities and most importantly inner happiness.

Let's do this!
Love, Skai x

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