Oh Instagram's Algorithm.

It’s like some sort of unsolvable puzzle and it just keeps on changing! Don’t you just feel like you get the hang of it and YOU GET IT & then it all goes down again. Well yeah that’s suppose to happen, that’s Instagram doing this on purpose for us πŸ•ΊπŸΌ

So I thought since I work in the Influencer marketing industry as well as blogging let’s help each other understand it all a little better, so current situation is this.

1. Posting
When you post on Instagram it might only be seen by 10% of your audience. However apparently if your first post gets lots of likes and engagement higher than your other usual posts it will then be recognised and shared with the rest of your 90% audience which explains those posts that do SOO WELL and then bamm next one doesn’t so much. 

SOLUTION: Spread the love and like, comment on photos you enjoy seeing! This can really help your favourite Influencer to work on their independent own little entrepreneurial brand, let’s support each other! ❤️

The point of this is, is that Instagram wants you and brands to start paying for 'boosted posts' so you pay for your whole audience to see your posts. 
It doesn’t cost us anything to support and definitely doesn’t lower your algorithm if you do communicate with your followers / those you follow -  if anything it makes you more active on Instagram which is a win - win situation.

2. Pod Groups
Some may know this and some might not, but this used to be quite popular last year where groups of people (popular amongst bloggers) create little pods on Instagram's private messaging and update everyone on their new post. Instagram figured that one out pretty quickly - that can now hit your algorithm pretty bad as you will be pushed down and can be seen as ‘spam’.

SOLUTION: leave the group if you are in one and tell your friends!

3. Hashtags
 So we all love a hashtag and I surely do too. However Instagram also has picked up on that if you leave hashtags in your comments & not your actual caption that can affect your visibility on Instagram. Also if you over-use your hashtags lots of times they do become in-active and push you down on the algorithm too! 

SOLUTION: Post hashtags in your caption. What I've been doing is I've added in a gap so it doesn't come up super messy and it's right at the bottom of the post. Pick hashtags carefully and stick to Top 10 relevant hashtags to what you’re sharing in that particular photo. Think of it as a ‘category’ you’d like your photo to be placed in and avoid silly ones like #happy #life etcetc you get the idea!

This post is not sponsored and includes facts from influencer marketing reports and articles.


4. Commenting
I’m sure we’ve all had one of them ‘Great PhotoπŸ”’ comments before and these are so called bots - they’re paid systems who automatically comment on photos to raise engagement on their own profile. Also Instagram now only recognises real comments that add up to 'good engagement' if they’re longer than 4 words and if you do tend to leave lots of these πŸŒŸπŸ’•πŸ”₯🌟 on people’s photos you will very likely come up as spam too!

SOLUTION: When commenting, make sure you engage with the photo, look where the photo was taken, what’s the highlight of the photo and read the caption. That way comments are natural & more valuable for both! Also if your aim is to communicate with the person you follow, you're more likely to get a nice reply with a little sentence than lots of fire emojis.

5. Instagram Stories
To end with an uplifting one, let's talk Instagram Stories! So Instagram and brands haven’t quite yet worked on Instagram stories as of yet, meaning your Instagram stories are actually seen more than your actual posts on your feed. This will change soon (brands are making plans to work with influencers and brands via Instagram Stories even more this year) so let's make the most of it! Also an important one, the more you post on Instagram stories the more you come up to your relevant audiences so keeping up with stories is a must!

SOLUTION: Instagram story daily and use Location tags and Hashtags where relevant as much as possible as that opens up your post to more people who are browsing through those places and hashtags. Those people are also more likely to have the same interests as you and might follow!
Another little tip (which I am yet to do myself) is to add in a 'ABOUT' highlight on my profile. Many new possible followers come by and we need to make them stay! I think adding a few videos / photos on what to expect on your profile can be super beneficial?

One last little thing I learned the other day - is to NOT edit your caption 24 hours after you’ve posted, to some this might seem pretty straight forward but I've definitely found myself going back on posts now and then! Apparently it does significantly reduce how much exposure your post gets if you edit it.

To summarise what on earth Instagram is doing as of now (as this has been and will be changing) - Instagram simply wants to earn money. It was a totally free platform for a very long time and now of course this is the way to get paid (even more) for it. Instagram wants us to boost our posts so all of our followers will see it not just the 10% to see your posts!

What this also means is that those who are doing extremely well have been pushed to the top and those in the middle / bottom have been what people call 'hit by the Instagram Algorithm'. I guess the positives are that it surely gives us a kick up the bottom to be consistent, produce quality and engaging content and hope for the best.

I say the best way to go through this is to stand together here and help one another and don’t be afraid to like and comment on your friends / favourite bloggers posts - that really can make someone’s day!

I hope this was helpful & didn’t bore you tooooo much.

Would love to hear your thoughts and let me know what’s been working / not working for you?

Love, Skai x
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