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Getting on a bike always triggers a thought of once you learn how to ride a bike, you will always remember how to do it. I guess you never un-learn how to hold your balance on a bike. It is similar to tiying your shoes laces, learning how to swim or drive a car - it's a small accomplishment in it's very own way, once you know it - it's for life.

Story time: Now I remember when I learned how to ride a bike... My cousin and I both turned 8 and my cousin learned how to ride a bike first (I mean she was two months older than me). The little-competitive-me clearly couldn't handle it so I cried about it (v cool of me) until my dad comforted me that he will make sure I learned too. I remember bruised knees and palms, more crying and then that moment of me riding a bike alone happened. Which at the time was an old overly-sized grandmothers bike (she used to use it when riding to work in a small town in Lithuania), but I was riding a bike! Then around 2 seconds later as soon as I looked back - I realised my dad isn't holding me no more - I panicked and fell again. But hey, since then I knew how to ride a bike so that's my bike story.

Now let's reminisce a couple of reasons why exactly we should make time to get back on a bike!


A couple of weeks back, Lee and I went for a city break in Cambridge and saw so many people on bikes in town. The yellow bikes we spotted were called OFO, they looked so fun and funky, we quickly looked them up. It is actually super easy to locate a bike near you; all you do is get the Ofo app, find the nearest bike on a map and ride! We actually got to see and travel so much more by being on bikes because there is only so much you're ever willing to walk or get a bus to whereas on a bike there's no boundaries to where you want to go.


After leaving our Ofo bikes we actually got to see an overview of our time on a bike and calories burnt which was just an extra goodness to our day. While getting on any bike will get the heart rate up and give you another way of exercise + in a much more fun environment if you're outside.


I have a colleague at work who rides into central London on a daily basis. Now I always look at him like - YOU ARE A HERO. Like even in November when it's cold he's just so used to it - it really is his main type of travel. I always think to myself how he works out every morning and evening (this is usually bumping into him first thing in the morning while carrying some hot croissants) I know this is not for everyone but if you do get a chance to ride into work / on the weekend to go see a friend - Why not?


Now going back to our little road trip in Cambridge, we actually had a really nice time together. It's the perfect way to surprise someone with a fun road trip on a day out. Guys, take note. #Winning

5. FUN!

And last but not least, it's so much fun! So you get to exercise, spend time with family / friends / boyfriend AND enjoy a ride on a bike while possibly getting a bit of a cheeky tan. 

So, what's your bike story?
Love, Skai x

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