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Blogging vs Full Time Career 

I have previously shared my journey of blogging and how I got into the fashion industry in a vlog on YouTube, where I share everything from how I felt in school, foundation course, worst internship and what I studied (you can catch up HERE).

But I don't want this to be all about me, it's for us. For the girls and guys out there who are feeling overwhelmed with opinions of how blogging should be, what it is and what it isn't, what career you should go into or should not.

Full Time Career

Now this this where it might sound as if I am referring to blogging as it cannot be 'a full time career' as I haven't personally decided to do so. However that's not what I mean at all, so let me explain. 
I have many blogger friends who are highly respected influencers and are doing this full-time, they are always on a very busy schedule and I couldn't be more proud! In fact I work with full time bloggers on a daily basis when creating campaigns for brands myself. What's interesting is that a lot of the personalities in blogging actually have come from a fashion, styling or marketing industries themselves which I never really knew myself until I started to meet and talk to these guys. A little bit on me, I have successfully survived and graduated with a 2:1 in Fashion Marketing and Branding and after tons of internships and assisting jobs I have very recently been promoted to work as a campaign manager for beauty and lifestyle brands at a campaign marketing agency. 

'I don't see myself doing blogging full-time because of my current career path, I feel like I can share more of an insight into 'behind the scenes' of topics that I don't see many people talk about'. 

As a blogger you get to see the final campaign proposal / email vs as an industry person you get to be a part of the creation of this campaign that will come to life. From the idea itself on a piece of paper, to it's creation, choosing the right influencers for it to then bringing it to life is what excites me.
Right now I am really enjoying the best of both as I am working four days a week in the agency and the rest of my time is spent planning and creating content that I enjoy sharing with my little online family.


Friday is the day I put my bloggers hat on - I try and squash all my meetings in that one day, shoot outfits and most of the time try get a vlog in there too. Having Friday's off is such a wonderful thing as I get to have that one day in the week that is still a week-day therefore all the PR companies and brands are available to meet if needed. Saturday's I usually spend either shooting any flat-lays or close ups that I can do from home and catching up on emails making sure I have fully caught up! Sundays I usually try to do as little as possible, I enjoy having content to share on a Sunday so all I have to do is click 'post' and actually enjoy a day off.

As a blogger there are many positives. Not only do you get to work with amazing brands, you get to be a part of their campaign, sometimes even the face of the campaign in print and TV, meet new people, create new opportunities and the list goes on. You are totally in control of your own time and have no one bossing you around as you decide what content you share when and where.

Now would I want to do blogging full-time? I don't think so. It is definitely and industry that has grown dramatically since I even started. I enjoy having that insight into the industry on a 360 scale. I get to go to lunches as a blogger one day and as a person to meet a blogger another, it's fascinating. I guess it comes from my inner nature of never wanting to be 'defined' as somebody, even now I actually dislike the word 'blogger, influencer' itself. I'm me and I choose to share small parts of me online in hope that someone will be inspired in some shape or form, that's really it.

No matter what your career decision may be, no matter what your goal is - it is about what makes you feel alive. Go for what makes you feel free, yet challenged and inspired. Don't ever stop learning whether you're working for you or a company you should always want to be pursuing your personal goals either way. Think of that next step as little as it may be and go for it.

You might feel you need stability and would rather find yourself in a content and driven environment instead of any irregular freelance work and that's totally fine. Or you may want to be a free bird, leave your 9-5 and travel the world while updating us all on your youtube channel full time. Or you might want to have an insight into two or three jobs at the same time. Whatever it is, that is fine and there are no rules to what it should or shouldn't be. 
 Don't ever be defined by what you didn't know or didn't do. 

You are deciding your life right now
So make sure you're happy with it.

Love, Skai x
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