Cannot believe it has been over 3 months already since I first began My Proactiv+ journey. Proactiv+ have been looking after us so much, arranging regular meet-ups, open chats to the dermatologist and girls at Label PR to see how we're getting on and topping us up with products.

This time we met around lunch time and began with a yoga class at Move Your Frame in Kings Cross which was amazing and much needed (for me anyway!). After the class we all caught up on our journeys and chatted along some tasty and healthy lunch. Highly recommend reading on IrenaTami, and Lottie's journeys on their blogs too if you're looking into Proactiv and want some more confirmation because I was the same before agreeing to it!

'I think my before and 3 month update photo pretty much speaks for itself and I cannot say more than Thank you. '

This content has been sponsored by ProActiv+ however all results are honest and real, photos not edited.

In my previous posts (read before post HERE, read 6 weeks update HERE) I mention how I have been feeling when going through constant blemishes and regular fights with my skin - this journey has been the biggest relief. Don't get me wrong I'm not here to say I now have perfect skin, I still get the unwanted spots but they're smaller, less painful and very much in a smaller black/white head form.

After chatting to the blogger girls who are also part of this journey, I found that each one of us changed up our skincare routines in different ways which I think is so important to share with you!

Personally I have found that using the exfoliator twice a day dried my skin out - therefore I skip it in the mornings and go with the toner, pore targeting treatment and hydrator as per usual. Other girls mentioned how they're totally fine with the exfoliator however skip the hydrator now and then as they skin gets too oily, all of us did have one thing in common - we all love using the toner.  

It just shows how important it is to listen to your skin and see what works for you. Pretty much all of us agreed that skin gets worse in the first few weeks up to a month (that's when many also falsely decide to quit and think it's not working!) and then a clear difference is very visible.

I hope these posts have been helpful in regards to getting a better feeling and knowledge of the products and you have been enjoying going through this journey with me. There are still a few more posts to come so keep an eye and feel free to ask me questions at any point.

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Love, Skai x

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