Welcoming you back to my little ProActiv+ journey! If you haven't seen my 'before' post click HERE to catch up and see you back here in a minute! 


As you can see in my first before photo I had quite bad blemishes and redness, larger and smaller spots throughout as well as white/black heads overall - ehh I know.  Embarrassed and upset isn't even a word that comes close to how I used to feel.

I have always been very clean when it comes to my face and always washed my makeup off before bed, always used creams and especially face masks! However none of them really made a difference to be quite honest. I feel that maybe the constant use of different products is what has also had an impact as I never stuck to just one. Six weeks later, I can definitely see the difference already and it has only been just over a month. I didn't expect much and just went with the flow, using the 3 Step System twice a day - morning and evening. 


To begin with I remember seeing no difference at all in the first week, literally nothing happened - in fact it got worse! I remember feeling down and wondering whether it was even worth it to keep going. 
But I did. 
I kept the same routine and religiously carried on using all the products. I remember packing up a small back pack to stay over my boyfriends and he couldn't believe how dedicated I was to it all. 

In the second week my face began to feel very dry (my skin is naturally quite oily) and I decided to listen to my skin and only use the face wash exfoliator once in the evening and skip it in the mornings.


(An expression from a friend when randomly bumping into each other a week ago.)

 I was overwhelmed because she was right, my skin was better! To be quite honest I had kind of forgotten about it since my skin was never better and it had also become a simple routine but then it hit me, it actually HAS got better. Now that I am in the 6-7 weeks period I can see that my blemishes and redness of the skin have calmed down. My skin feels smoother as an overall, feels cleaner and clearer. I have honestly been enjoying going through the three steps and doing this properly. Two extras that I would highly recommend investing in are the ProActiv+ Mark Fading Pads to apply before bedtime which feel like an actual face-peel (see here) and the Skin Purifying face mask (see here) which has been brilliant for those relaxing bubble bath moments.

This post has been sponsored by ProActiv+ however all results and opinions are as always genuine and my own.


At the moment, I am fighting with the tiny white/black heads (hopefully they will also clear up soon!) and not many large spots which is such a relief. I remember the dermatologist telling me that there will be stages where the 'getting worse' period is a must to deeply clear out the old and the new blemishes.

I hope this is useful to some of you and apologies on my absolutely non-creative mug shots aha. I genuinely encourage those that feel like they've tried it all to join in on your very own ProActiv+ journey, would love to hear from those that do!

Love, Skai x


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