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Bring Back Your Spare Time

I remember when someone asked me 'what do you do in your spare time?' and I awkwardly giggled and felt the tops of my cheeks rose up because I didn't know what to say. I almost felt like a kid when my friends used to ask my mum if I can play out - because that was my spare time.  We used to 'come out' and go to a park, talk and basically communicate. This brings back so many warm and free memories that I have never felt more locked up in my own bubble of things to do. We go by these routines whether you're a 9-5'er, student or a freelancer we're always on the look to do more, to achieve more to earn more. Which is of course great, we aim high and achieve great things we should be very proud of! But when was the last time it was just me and my thoughts for longer than a few minutes? I don't know.

Book Time With Yourself

Just the way we book a nail appointment or a gym session - we should be able to book time off (e.g actually using a Saturday or a Sunday as your actual weekend) because you're allowed to. There have been days where I have worked non stop without any breaks because this silly ridiculous guilt feeling creeps upon me as if it's telling me 'don't stop, you could be doing so much more'! But YOU CAN and you SHOULD create that time for yourself, your body and mind is the most powerful tool which we need to nurture and look after. Going trough your thoughts and simply relaxing, meditating or working out can bring peace and put a pause on everything that's going on around us.
That's what I'm aiming to do more.

'Find what doesn't feel like work.'

Find What Works For You

Just because your friend spends her Saturday 2pm working out doesn't mean that this will also relax you in the same way. That's her therapy, that's HER time which doesn't mean it will work the same for you. Find what doesn't feel like work, such as going into the pool instead, saying yes to a weekend spa with the girls, taking a longer bath with a new Lush berry bomb, setting up a candle and all sorts. Personally I've been loving using all types of nice smelling shower creams & lotions when relaxing in a bath. We're all different and will find different ways to relax whether it's indulging in a book or seeing your mum - put your mind at ease, listen to yourself. 

Love Yourself

I guess what I'm saying is that let's find more ways to find the inner thoughts, the love for yourself. Loving yourself doesn't mean arrogance or overdose in confidence, it means you know what you like, you know what works for you and you certainly then know how you schedule your time with work, with home and most importantly with you. I always go by the outlook that You need to find ways to stand on your own two feet (so if anyone was to leave you are fine on your own!), meaning find the love for what you do and genuinely love what you do. Set goals no matter how big or small, achieve them and be fucking proud of them.

The beauty treats you see above (which I got to try out before the launch day yay!) are all from the NEW Almond Milk and Honey range launched 14.02.17 by The Body Shop that I've been absolutely over-using when scheduling in time to relax. My absolute favourite has to be the body cream tub it has a silkiest and creamy touch that feels so smooth on the body (I'm not even kidding I have almost used half since last week). The rest of the range actually smell identical so the scent literally followed me from shower gel, to scrub, lotion and to body cream.
The hectic LFW begins this week and I know exactly what I'll be using when back home!

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 I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know how you find ways to relax and do you think you loving yourself is important?

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Love, Skai x

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