It took me a while to post this.
I was hesitant and I couldn't believe that I will be sharing the face I would rather hide. 

I'm embarrassed, I hate the way my skin is - but I'm going to do something about it. Since around the age of 17 I don't remember having perfect skin (apart from the time I was on a strong contraceptive pill that was controlling my hormones) which some of you girls might know of as Dianette, you would also know that you are only recommended to be on it no longer than 2 years. As soon as I come off it - my skin went back to constant breakouts and blemishes. Don't get me wrong it's not always this bad, I have stages where it clears up and it's better - then it can get really bad too.

As you know it can be a mixture of stress, nutrition, genes and hormones or even all of them combined. I think mine is primarily hormones as it gets worse before period, genes play a part (thanks mum) and then my citrus allergy doesn't help too! I'm also a lover for chocolate which could possibly lead to breakouts too. I also feel that recently due to trying different variations of skin products to treat my skin it could also lead to the opposite - which is why I'm really looking forward to using the same products to wash and hydrate the skin.

Those that get a spot once a month - I envy you so much, please appreciate it! Some may be able to relate and understand the frustration of not being a teenager and having problematic skin...

ProActiv is known to treat existing blemishes as well as prevent new ones from forming in 3 simple steps. My aim is to follow a routine for the next 6 months and use ProActiv and fingers crossed see some results! I am noting my skin appearance in my notebook everyday and will be filming my journey too. I am actually extremely excited to be collaborating and working with ProActiv and hope some of you will stick around to see this journey. I've just posted a video on my Youtube channel where a dermatologist assesses my skin and talks through the process of how to use the products if anyone needs any tips & how to's HERE.

If anyone is interested in joining in here's a link below to get your box!
Let's do this.
Love Skai x

Watch video here:

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