Best Ways To Start Your Day

Best Ways to Start Your Day

I have pretty much spent the last few days laying, eating, having a cuppa then snacking, watching Christmas movies then most likely eating again. We both know this wouldn't be as great if it lasted forever and I secretly can't wait to get back out of this 'forever full' feeling and getting back into a healthier and happier me. So I've done a little research for us both and will share my own few tips on how to start the day for the better.

1. Setting Your Alarm

Dragging yourself out of bed especially during winter can feel like an enormous effort. Although it is tempting to lie-in as long as possible, I've read on this business advice site Inc.com that “the first few minutes of your morning are the most important of your day and can set the tone for positivity and productivity.”

This will sound silly but, I set my first alarm to go off two hours before I actually have to get up. As crazy as that sounds it makes me so happy waking up to realise I still have the whole two hours of sleep! The other one goes off closer to the time and by then it's not that much of a shock that it is time to get up.

2. Give Yourself Enough Time

Mornings are often the only part of the day that you get quality time to yourself. 'Develop Good Habits' in their list of routine habits for an amazing start write that your morning is the perfect time to get things done. This can be tiny things from cleaning the kitchen to taking rubbish out or sorting out the makeup cupboard. Getting these small jobs out of the way actually decreases levels of stress and allows more time opening up later in the day. I like to give myself one hour of 'getting ready' that gives me enough time to shower, make a coffee, a quick breakfast and simply prepare for the day, that's when I usually do a quick tidy up of one small area of the house too.

3. Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. A good breakfast will keep your energy levels up and make the morning go quicker as you won’t always be looking at the clock for lunch. Breakfast is also a chance to indulge a little with your diet, as you will burn the calories off during the day. I read an article not long ago by Outside Online they believe in ‘breakfasts of champions’ that are hearty and healthy. One example they give is the breakfast burrito that is loaded with eggs, bacon, sweet potato and spinach. The chef used sweet potatoes rather than white potato because they are a good slow-burning carbohydrate source. I also try to make a conscious effort to include the right carb sources in my breakfast that provide me with energy throughout the day. One of my personal favourites recently is the Huel shake with one banana and a bit of cinnamon - quick & easy and higher in carbs.

In an interview with Women’s Health Magazine England football player Alex Greenwood said that when she is training she normally has porridge. Porridge is great for those who are exercising regularly or playing sport as it's a slow-releasing carbohydrate which produces energy. Footballers need as much energy as they can get, as it is vital that they have high-energy during the game. Writing for football website Betfair Stephen Tudor in his article on ‘What it Takes to be a Footballer’ states that the average player covers 12 km per game, without a good breakfast it would be a struggle to even cover half of that. 

4. Exercise

Whether you love going to the gym or not getting exercise out of the way in the morning has many benefits. Cosmopolitan listed 15 reasons why working out in the morning is beneficial. They started the list with the fact that even if you do nothing else all day you will have still achieved something. From a health perspective working out earlier is great for the metabolism as you burn more calories during the morning than if you did the same workout in the evening. I've always admired those that get to cycle into work, what I would love to do more in 2017 is actually jog in the mornings more often.

Hopefully this article has set you up for the day or at least given you something to think about before you turn over for those extra five minutes of snooze time.

Let's do this.
Love, Skai x

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