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The word - Minimal in my eyes, means admiring the beauty of one theme, item, person or a feeling that represents you. I've always been the girl who prefers a little black dress with a statement clutch, going to the gym in an all black outfit followed by bold coloured trainers, but as an overall keeping it all low key. I guess it's true what they say about your outfit representing your personality - I'm always interested in trends, creativity - yet still quite reserved and private. I guess it comes with age, when I was a teenager I used to love a bit of everything, from purple jumpers to leather and faux-fur I'm sure we've all been there...right?

Back in school I never really experimented with my style only until I reached University and started a fashion course I began trying to rock all kind of trends. However not until recently is when I started to really understand my personal style and identify that I enjoy simplicity, minimalism yet still trendy and chic spaces, interior, clothing which reflects in my personal style. Even though I post outfit posts quite a lot I feel like this one really represents...me. Nothing major or too posy, just simple, on-the-go and effortlessly caught in a moment.

TIPS to keeping it simple but chic

1. Coat/Jacket & Bag- Your coat practically becomes your outfit during Autumn/Winter so choose wisely and once you find that perfect one, no need to worry too much about showing what's underneath as it's probably too cold for it anyway. A bag - is always with you, I've always preferred to invest in a brand when it comes to bags and coats because you will basically have them with you all the time. Everything else doesn't really matter THAT MUCH.

2. Make Up - if you ever feel that your outfit isn't enough (I tend to contour more when having hair-up) put a bit more effort into your makeup. Good colour lipstick goes a long way, I've been loving the nude and brown tones (during this shoot I actually used all makeup by Lin&Lo and the 'brown pink' lipstick really got my look into that browny A/W look).

3. Jewellery - the tiniest pieces will be noticed. Add those new rings you've kept away in the jewellery box to your outfit. I've had a pair of the smallest earnings that are always noticed and they do make a difference, especially when going for hair-up.

Quilted Bomber - ASOS (which has gone down from £175 to £70) 
High Knee Velvet Boots - by EGO
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