Photos taken at London Fashion Week September 2016 - Day One
Jumper by Favotell
Sports Bra and Shorts by LIVE!
Trainers by New Balance

Running around Fashion Week actually made me think of this post, I refused to get a cab to places and literally walked everywhere! Anyway back to the title, I'm sorry but I am definitely not here to tell you that there is a secret salted caramel cup cake that helps you lose weight (damn!). However I am here to tell you that there is much more to keeping active than just being inside the gym. I will share my five tips that are simple but very worth thinking about!


Yes, take yourself for a walk, in a park or on the way to work. If you always get the bus, tube or even the cab to ridiculously short journeys you might have to think about the silly money you spend and the exercise you missed out on. I think getting 30 mins of exercise a day is brilliant and healthy for us all, you would be surprised how adding up your walk to the tube, grabbing lunch, walking your dog and simply going for an evening walk will not only keep you moving, but might even allow some more 'you' time that was much needed. If you want to take that step further, get a bike! Bikes in London are very popular and there are lots of roads built specifically allowing more bicycles to ride on road.


With our forever evolving technology we're obviously becoming more and more tied to things such as a phone, computer, TV etc. Why not walk over to your colleague at work and ask yourself instead of trying to write up an email about it. Also meet your friends on the weekend and actually plan and go to places together, not only will this take your body out of your comfort zone but you might just have so much fun!


Have you ever finished tidying your house and felt like you just ran half a marathon? Now that's what you call a full body workout. On a serious note, just think how long it takes you sometimes, an hour?two (I'm sure my friends mum takes the whole day)? Not only do you keep your house clean, you're also stretching, moving and running up and down the stairs while holding heavy weight aka hoover, superwoman or what!


Your average person spends 5 hours a day watching TV - not moving a muscle. I mean I'm not saying stop watching TV all together, but imagine using those mini-breaks for 20 sit-ups or working on that perfect plank instead. Use your time wisely, there is always a way.


I'm sure you have heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% is down to your eating habits and 20% of exercise is what keeps a good balanced body, this is actually a fact. So don't worry so much about not going to the gym that one busy week and focus on having a healthier and balanced diet that works for you.

Let's get to action and start finding ways of working out as there is always a way.

Hope you're having a lovely evening,
I would love to hear if you have any more tips to share with us all.
Love Skai x
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