3 Signs You Need To Relax

1. You're always worrying

You feel like you're always working, can't remember the last time you spent time on your hobbies and seems like you're forever worrying about absolutely everything, even about being late to your hair appointment brings you to sweats. Anxiety and worrying makes you stressed which we both know isn't good for you inside or out. Most of the time what you actually worry about is not even big deal if you actually think about it. So what if you're a little late or said the wrong thing, no ones going to kill you for it you're allowed to make mistakes. How you react is absolutely your choice, you choose how you react to situations yourself. Try and think from a different perspective, think of that friend that is always 'chilled' and just think what would they do? I bet they wouldn't even stress about this the way you just did, take a big breath and you will see how something that brought you to stress is not even that big of a deal and can always be solved.

2. You're always tired and lack motivation

You're in a full time job or freelancing which makes you feel like you're working 24.7 with hardly any time to yourself. It's very important to spend time with yourself, for example go bed that 15 - 30 mins earlier and read a book, buy a candle you love the smell (my favourite at the moment is the smell of Latte by Chelsea Candle) or simply breathe and sit there for a minute rather before you run around like a headless chicken. 

Personally just reading or writing in a diary/blog calms me down. I feel like organising my thoughts on paper balances my plans and that way you can actually find the time for the things you actually want to do, even if that means watching 'Ex On The Beach' on a Friday night. Think of what calms you down and make sure you do it regularly, INVEST in yourself. Invest in your time with YOU where you can think of the positives things about your future.

3. You're doubting yourself

Never, I repeat NEVER doubt yourself. Think back to that dream of yours, believe in it and do it. Nothing out there is more powerful than your own thoughts, your own dreams. Only YOU can invest in yourself and make it reality. This is where finding the time to relax and spending time with yourself is extremely important. Yes we're all busy, yes we all have our bad and good days, but your end goal is what will keep you driven and understanding that some days will be harder than others but it will be worth it, I promise.

What helps me relax and feel good:

- reading a good book or magazine
- yoga, running or working out 
- writing in a diary, blog with a relaxing atmosphere
- going to see my best friends
- good cup of tea
- getting my hair or nails done

AND breathe...have a wonderful weekend, you're amazing!

Love, Skai x
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