Snacking Problems

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If you're not a fan of protein shakes or just want to switch it up to protein foods, try these. They're high in protein and very filling.
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Chocolate Mint cookies are quite strong in taste, if you love all things mint this is for you! High in protein and ideal for lunch-time snacking.
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Amazing quality, lots of protein and super tasty!
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With such a variety to pick from you can't go wrong with a protein shake. It's a quick dose of protein, especially if you've been slacking all day. I love having one in the morning for breakfast with a banana or any other fruit.

Snacking can be an issue, especially for us girls. It's like you get angry and frustrated when hungry so you end up eating anything, literally.
Snacking is usually because:

You Don't Eat Enough
You didn't eat enough for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner so you're looking for something extra to indulge in.

Make sure you have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It sounds simple but it can be difficult, try it out for a week and stick to three meals per day. Personally I felt that I naturally snacked less as I wasn't hungry and was already full from my previous meals.

You're used to having 'something sweet' at the end of your meal

This is where you need to buy into snacks that are healthier and replace your naughty ones. I highly recommend Exante Diet, they have tons of snacks from chocolate cookies, brownies and shakes. See above for some inspiration and reviews.

Another place I find myself shopping at is MyProtein, they have boxes of protein bars that I add into my bag on a daily basis to snack on instead. Browse for amazing quality protein shakes too, cookies and cream is a beaut!

It's RIGHT THERE, you always buy them, so you just end up eating anyway

You need to stop stocking those snacks in your kitchen, my nan always used to tell me 'if it's not there you won't want it'. And don't get me wrong even if you really want it, it's not there to have it haha. Get into a routine of shopping for foods you want to eat, look for healthier options. What I've done is pick a day in the week such as Sunday where I buy whatever I want. I indulge in a chinese takeaway and simply enjoy so I never feel that I'm missing out. You need to make this your lifestyle where eating healthy becomes a norm, so treating yourself now and then is definitely not a problem.

Let me know what helps you to stay away from your naughty snacking?

Love, Skai x
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