3 Ways To Help Your Diet

Vegetable Curry - shop here

Vegetable curry is ideal for Lunch and Dinner, it's filled with natural flavours, vitamins and high in protein. Personally it was quite spicy and I would have loved one with chicken pieces, however if you're vegetarian and love spicy food this ones for you!
Protein Porridge - shop here

This was delicious! This is a great source of protein first thing in the morning especially if you have a long journey to work or have that important meeting. If you have a sweet tooth, this doesn't need anything once done it's naturally sweet. Ideal with a cup of coffee, thumbs up for me.

Tomato and Mascarpone Soup - shop here

Tomato and Mascarpone soup is deliciously smooth and rich and in Italian flavours. I was amazed how much protein it had, just when you need to top up on that protein! This is ideal for lunch as it's very filling with an easy-to-make option of a few minutes in the microwave.

It can get tough looking after your nutrition and diet in general when you're in a busy lifestyle all the time. But all you need to do is follow these steps and you're already a step into a healthier you.


Create a plan, just like you do with your outfit for tomorrow, it only takes a few minutes. Order a pack of protein bars to snack on for lunch, throw one in your bag each night so you have it for tomorrow when you're craving 'something sweet'.


For example packing home made lunch is something I try to do on a daily basis, whatever you cook for dinner simply pack in a box straight away ready for tomorrow. If you feel like you may forget it in the fridge (which I do sometimes) pack it in the morning and place it by your door, so you don't forget!


If you don't enjoy cooking or never have the time to, then why don't you look for online shopping? I mean you shop for clothes, why not shop for food. Exante Diet is an ideal website for affordable foods that are high in protein and are great replacements for lunch, dinner and snacking!

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