Hardcore Leg Day

Hi Guys, hope you're all well! Just wanted to share my experience of absolutely killing (!) my legs while I was visiting Lithuania. We actually went to Druskininkai Snow Arena first that's where it all kicked off, forget the gym if you're planning to ski, skiing is your gym - tripled. I mean i'm sure you know any type of sport is always fun and a great way to forget that you're actually also working out. That's why I always say to those that really don't enjoy the weight room, get your ass to a class. You will feel more inspired and it will be much more fun to work out with others. 

So once we got back from Skiing my dad has set up an ice hockey space on a frozen lake which was ideal for ice hockey! So that's where my absolute hardcore leg day began :'D you're always on your feet running, sweating (even in -20 degrees!) and it's just a buzz, I loved it and got a workout out of it! The last photo is of a much bigger lake in town, that's where we went down the hill around 2340 times dressed in even more layers, soo that was also fun :'D

Also I have a little announcement to make... I have officially done my very first Youtube video and it's now Live!! I was so nervous putting it up and I couldn't be more happy with the comments and support I've received, thank you! If you haven't seen it yet see it here and let me know your thoughts:

Keep an eye and see you next time ;)

Love, Skai x
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