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Good evening lovelies! Just a quick post sharing my two favourites this week. I've been waiting for this sports bra to come for a while as it was travelling from Australia but so worth the wait! I also received this coffee scrub in a recent Blogger Lunch's goodie bag :)

I'm so excited about it and I couldn't choose between the white or black marble at first. But I thought let me get the darker one to begin with since I'll probably drop something on myself with the white one :'D
The marble pattern is beautiful and feels very tight and supportive once on. I would say if you order, go size up! I ordered a medium and it's quite tight (I'm a C/D), maybe a large one would've been perfect and i'm never usually a large in sports bras.

 Slinkii Athletics sports bra - order here

I've never really used a scrub before because I always felt like it might irritate my skin especially when getting unwanted spots! Last time I tried a scrub years ago my skin went worse and I was afraid to touch any scrub since. But this time I thought it's about time to get over it and try a new one out, especially a coffee one! It has a soft coffee scent and it's such an easy product to apply. You can use it all over body or just your face once in a while and it really does moisturise after! My skin felt so much cleaner and fresher...if that even makes sense. It felt like I had new skin basically haha, well technically I did after removing the old skin cells. It's perfect to use during your bath/shower and then once dry applying your tanning cream! It applies smoother and doesn't create strikes. (See what tan I recommend in my previous post!)
frank scrub - order here
Let me know what you guys think of the scrub and the sports bra!
Hope you're all enjoying your evening,

Love, Skai x
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