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Good evening! Hope everyone's having a good week, I thought why not share some of the little secrets to strong hair. I'm not here to say my hair is perfect, I wish!
But I'm here to share some of the tips and products that made me see some changes and growth in my hair. I've got to say it is definitely a mixture of diet and products so grab a cuppa and stay for a bit? :)

Recently I went to the Colour Excellence event not too far away from work so it was easy to commute there. Upon arrival at the stunning hotel I got to chat with some of the blogger girls I've met before and meet new ones! There were lots of treats around and an illustrator doing quick sketches of guests, you can see my illustration on my insta at @scentofblanc 

Colour Excellence Hair Detox - see here
Colour Excellence Highlights Brightener - see here
I highly recommend in investing in some hair products especially during winter. Not saying you need to spend hundreds on it no, but don't be mixing random brands and stick to one for the three months of this weather.
Personally during the summer my main products are sea salt and some hair oil haha! But during colder weather our hair suffers more so make sure to treat it right! These are the products I use through out winter and have seen changes in my hair each time. I find my hair much easier to brush and 100% less static and rough.

Phyto Paris Hair Shampoo - see here
Phyto Paris Hair Conditioner- see here
Phyto Paris Hair Mask- see here
Diet plays a very important role in your hair too so I would suggest eating well and having a variety of green veggies, vitamin c, salmon, fish oil tablets, spicy food (apparently it fastens up the growth of your hair! so chinese takeway it is?) and ginger tea.

Hope you found this post useful and will grab these asap because without these this winter I am sure I would struggle knowing my hair.

Let me know your thoughts!

Love, Skai x
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