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 Hi guys, hope everyone's having a good week! I've been wanting to do this post for a while and finally got to do it, I think it's really important that you know it's not all about 'going gym' you can do majority of workouts at the comfort of your home. I've chosen my garden for today but you could do this indoors in your living room/bedroom etc. 

All you need is an even floor space and a weight that you can use such as a 2 - 8kg, if you don't have one grab something heavy! Here are a few ideas for you to try at home, don't forget to stretch before you start to avoid any injuries.
Legs - (Repeat 5 x 10)

Hold the weight above your head and lunge forward, squeeze your leg muscles as you go down and hold for a few seconds before you come up and repeat equally with both legs. It is very important you don't do any more/less with one leg as your priority should be to have both legs equally strong. You can do this exercise in two ways, if you don't have a lot of space I suggest doing one leg then come up and change to another leg in the same area. If you have a bigger place you can also do walking lunges.
Glutes - (Repeat 5 x 10)

Put your feet slightly outside shoulder width and point your toes slightly out. Move your lower body down and hold for a few seconds before you jump up. Personally I never miss this exercise during my glute/leg days I find it very effective.
Arms (targets biceps) - (Repeat 3 x 10)

Full range of motion all the way down, flex your tricep at the bottom and slowly bring the weight up and squeeze the bicep. Repeat with both arms equally even if one struggles more than the other! It's very normal to have that don't worry lol I have that with my left arm I feel like I struggle with it more than the right one, but never let it do any less reps to hopefully get them equal soon.
 Stomach (Targets abs & 'love handles') - (Repeat 5 x 10)

It's pretty straight forward, keep your feet on the ground at all times and bring your knees towards you, then bring your upper body and the weight up and move towards left-to-right squeezing your obliques.
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Arms (targets the long head of your triceps which is commonly known as 'wings' lol) 
(Repeat 5 x 10)

 This one hurts! But believe me this is the best exercise to target that annoying area, I've always naturally had bigger arms so I always try to focus on this area as I feel like I store my fat there the most. 
Hold the weight up and lower it towards your back slowly to then bring it back up and squeeze. As you squeeze think of that specific area of your body, nothing else. 

Focus mentally and you will achieve more physically, have a great workout!

Hope this was any help, let me know what exercises you find effective?
Love, Skai x
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