Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Feels like forever since I've been posting on my blog, since holiday I've just been back to work and didn't really have much spare time. So when I do get that day off I love to get back to my blog and create new exciting projects!

I always keep my little notebook with me on the train and have kept track on all the posts I plan to put up on here :) I appreciate hearing back from you too, it always inspires me to do more posts on specific topics.
On my previous day off my boyfriend and I went to the Foodie Festival in Clapham. We were kindly invited by the Vita Coco team and even got to grab one of the Vita Coco Coconut Oil tubs. 

Vino Perfect Tinted Moisturiser - see here

My very first reaction when I found out you can use it as a face moisturiser was a little like: 'Huh? 'doesn't it make your skin even more oily?'. 
My skin is naturally oily around the T zone and dry everywhere else. I have always found it difficult to find correct moisturisers that are also free of citrus. I am aware that lemon juice and citrus is good for your skin but being intolerant to it makes me search for other options available. 

After tasting delicious food at the festival, before bed I dipped my finger in the tub and just scraped a little bit of the surface and rubbed it all over my face. First of all the smell of coconut is delicious and I couldn't get over how soft my skin felt. I've been using it in tiny amounts every night for a week now (I used to moisturise before bed and in the morning with another moisturiser) and don't need to at all in the morning. If I don't the night before then I would only need it in the morning before makeup. My skin feels soft and balanced, this has been by my bed since! 
Not only has it been my face cream, you can also use it for body all over and of course cooking!
Vita Coco Coconut Oil
It's an all-purpose 100% organic product; ideal for moisturising, after sun cream, for natural beach curls and hair oil. Apparently it can wipe away make-up and can be used instead of shaving cream! It is also full of antioxidants for anti-ageing essentials.
 I'll be travelling to Lithuania in two weeks, I know what I'm packing :D
My very first dish had to be protein pancakes :) I was fascinated to see if I'll taste the coconut in my pancakes haha
1 x 50g of protein powder mix
120-150ml - almond milk
(One pancake = fat - 2.1, carbs - 4, protein - 22.7 )

This is a great solution to prevent yourself from snacking too much, protein pancakes are always fun, tasty and got lots of protein! If you're not a fan of pancakes there's always protein shakes. My favourite of all is Cookies & Cream!

MyProtein - Maple Syrup Pancake Mix (order here)
MyProtein - Cookies & Cream Protein Powder (order here)

(Get your discount back on the homepage with the link to myprotein site on the right-hand side)
Vita Coco Coconut Oil - (order yours here)
(or available in stores such as Amazon, Tesco, Holland & Barrett and Boots)
My pancake actually was softer than usual and I only needed a very small amount of the coconut oil for it. Usually if you use normal olive oil all food can come out quite oily and I hate too much oil in anything. 
I'm surely going to be buying it regularly since it lasts so long and I wouldn't say that I could taste the coconut a lot, but you can surely smell it around the kitchen. 

What will you use it for? 

Love, Skai x 
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