Protein Pancakes & Iced Coffee

Look at these beauties! Yes I know I totally failed at making them round :D
But I'm a lover of pancakes and knowing that these are also good for you just makes it all even better :)
To start my day I begin with breakfast and get the supplements ready! I stick to my fish oil tablets, raspberry ketones, multivitamins and recently I've been trying out this food supplement called 'Complete Electrolytes' which helps tiredness and contributes to normal muscle function. I feel less drained and more energetic which is always a good thing on busy days!

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I usually stick to My Protein pancake mixes and this time wanted to try the Exante Diet pancake mix. It comes in a pack which makes two pancakes, ideal portion for breakfast/lunch. They were delicious and filled with protein!

Exante Diet Maple Syrup Pancake Mix - order yours here
Exante Diet has great deals and packages for food supplements such as shakes, pancakes and more so make sure to check their deals out, they're also highly affordable!
Add your favourite syrup, honey or cinnamon and it's all yours. You're welcome ;)
I'm a huge fan for sweets and snacking is probably my biggest weakness. What helps me to stay away from too many sweets/chocolates is at the time of the day when I usually want to snack I make sure I carry a protein bar/shake with me. Here are a some snacks I would recommend to replace the naughty ones with! 

Toffee Nut and Raisin bar - order yours here
Honeycomb/Vanilla shakes - order yours here
Protein Clusters - order yours here
I think you can probably tell by my posts I do eat many eggs :D I do genuinely like the taste of eggs and there are so many ways to have them! It's impossible to get bored of them haha, mix veggies, meat with them or have yours boiled. Egg whites is what contains a lot of protein, the rest is basically the bit that contains fat, that's why I usually only have one full egg and the rest just egg whites. There isn't a lot of fat but if you have three eggs thats 15g of fat for you! I'd rather keep that amount of fat for something else during the day :)
Home Made Iced Coffe
Too good not to share😍! Homemade iced coffee in 5mins: fill up a cup of ice cubes and add 200ml semi-skimmed milk (depending on the size of the glass) in a separate cup add one/two spoons of instant coffee, spoon of condensed milk and add 100ml of hot water. Stir all together and pour it into the ice and milk. Done! Add water if you want it less strong and top it up with cinnamon/caramel if wanted.
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you're ordering/making any of these and your opinions on them!

Love, Skai x
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