Fitness As A Lifestyle

Hi guys, I've received many lovely emails/messages about my transformation so far and thought I'll try mention some tips in this post and hopefully answer some of your questions!
Fitness and Health is a lifestyle, it shouldn't be something you do two weeks before holiday only. Don't you want a healthy body inside and out at all times? Believe me I'm not here to tell you to never eat chocolate again, i'm here to show you that if I can do it so can you!

 It's all about getting your body clean and try keeping away from junk food. That surely was my problem, even if you exercise you will not see results if you don't lower cakes and pizzas. If you know you have an event/night out coming up just make sure that week you lower your treats and it will be fine. What you shouldn't do is constantly snack on sweets after meals and have it in your diet regularly, you should train your body to have them as 'treats' so after a good week, treat yourself to something you've been craving for. What works for me is to have an actual 'cheat meal' once a week so I'm never missing out, but as an overall eating well - as part of my lifestyle. Detox teas are always great if you had a bad day of food/drinks to cleanse from within, I drink mine once a day and recommend Your Tea.

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It is important to have supplements such as fish oil tablets and vitamins on a daily basis. I usually take mine in the morning after breakfast with a glass of water. For those looking to lose weight I would recommend these Raspberry Ketone tablets, they're so affordable and worth a try. 
I've been taking them for over a month now and feel less hungry!

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Protein is another girls favourite myth, protein does not make you 'bulky' or 'manly'. Protein is a natural macronutrient found in many foods, especially meats such as chicken. Protein helps your muscles to repair quicker after breaking down the muscle tissue when weight training. So imagine, one day you have the best workout and then your whole body hurts like crazy for the next couple of days! It can put you off working out for the rest of the week because your muscles may be hurting/growing. However Protein will help you repair your muscles quicker, meaning you can be back in the gym quicker, working towards your summer body!
Best way to describe it is; if a woman needs to consume around 120g of protein per day which is equivalent to three chicken breasts, I'm pretty sure you do not have that much chicken to yourself everyday so just have a protein shake :) plus it tastes good, I recommend chocolate or cookies and cream!
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Bloating is another thing us girls hate! It's just never the right time or place to be feeling bloated right? I used to get that all the time and I am very confident to tell you why I believe I was getting it!

Over-eating - you shouldn't overeat to a point you're really full, your stomach only realises how much you've eaten after 20-30mins so don't rush and eat smaller portions. If anything you can always add more after if you're still hungry.

Carbs - Bread, pasta, potatoes and rice!!! I never knew how much these things affect me and don't get me wrong these may be great for you but I have noticed that if I overeat on any of these I will be bloated 100%. So keep them low and if you know you have a high carb lunch/dinner coming up at your mums house, stay away from bananas, rice and bread that day and enjoy it in the evening. I wouldn't recommend to have all three meals with carbs as that will surely lead to bloating.

Water - So we all know about this whole drink lots of water thing, which is true. However who would've known that drinking it with your meal causes bloating! Yes that is why they serve water at the restaurant 30mins before your meal lol. I've been doing so for the past half a year and believe me it really is true, try it! Drink a glass of water 30-60mins before/after meals and never with, see how your stomach starts to digest food faster and more efficiently.

 Toning creams - Another great quality products I recommend to use externally are these toning creams by Rodial. They tone and plump up the skin, I love using it as my moisturiser and cannot wait to take these on holiday with me too.
 My favourites are 'boob job' and 'tummy tuck' they improve the elasticity of the skin and create a firmer and smoother texture. I will also be using these on holiday as my moisturisers and tone while in bikini!
As an overall if you wish to see changes in your body I recommend to really focus on your diet and eat more meats and veggies than junk food. Exercise is also important, realistically if you work out three times per week that is enough, you don't need to be forever in the gym every day for hours, one hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you watch how you will see results :)

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And here it is! My transformation photo so far :)
I hope you found this post useful, please do comment if you have any questions here I am more than happy to answer and discuss with you!
Happy Tuesday!

Love, Skai x
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