Leg Day

 Hi guys, hope everyone is well! I've actually been travelling a lot since my hand in at Uni so just been visiting family and relaxing :)

Before leaving London, Lee and I went to Fit Tech Gym to do leg day. So I will show you some of my favourite leg/bum exercises that you may find useful.
I always begin with stretching and then move onto 'sumo squats'. Grab a weight and repeat 3 x 10 to get your legs started. Make sure to tense each time you come up.
 I usually try to do squats every other leg day and begin with no weight by then gradually adding 5kg each time. Once I hit my heaviest weight of 60kg I then do drop sets by removing 5kg each. Another great way of doing squats is having a comfortable weight such as 5/10kg on a bar and repeating the same weight five times.
Don't be afraid of only using the bar, it's very important to get your form right so doing it with a bar is also an effective exercise! I would only suggest to start adding weight when you feel comfortable enough with your form during movement. It is also very important to understand which muscle you're working out to prevent growing one area more than others. I'm a pure example of it, when I first began two years ago I did more exercises that focused more on quads (front of the leg) than glutes/hamstrings. It was my own lack of knowledge this is why now my leg days are more glute/hamstring based. I would recommend to have two leg days per week - one focusing on squats, leg press for your quads. Second day - glutes and hamstrings to grow your bum :)
 Leg press as mentioned earlier is a good machine to use for strengthening your leg muscles and I feel like this has really helped me to grow my quads so if you want to build that area I would recommend this machine/movement.
 Another exercise I enjoy doing at the end is this one, it really is that simple but believe me at the end of your workout this kills! I like to do this one to end my workout as you really feel the muscles in your bum in the end :D repeat 3 x 20.
To end our workout the owner's of the gym showed us around and took us outside to flip some tires!  I only managed to flip the smallest one haha but it is harder than I thought! We had a great time at this gym, everyone seems committed and serious about their workout I would highly recommend to visit! 
I hope this was useful to some of you, there are many more exercises as you know I couldn't share them all :) What's your favourite?

Love, Skai x
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