Full Body Detox

 Happy Friday! Hope everyone is well and looking forward to Bank Holiday :)
I've just got back from spending some time off in London for Lee's birthday so will be sharing some photos with you soon, a relaxing break was much needed!
Especially after my big hand-in at Uni. Talking about needing a break, I wanted to share some of the products I've been using/drinking/eating to feel more awake and refreshed everyday. Just something I would recommend if you need that boost of energy mentally and physically. All items are under £30 :)

 So these two masks from Caudalie are amazing! Both have natural ingredients and really help to moisturise and wake your skin up. I noticed a difference around my eye area after using it twice, it looked much brighter and fuller. 

Instant Detox Mask - Order Here
Moisturising Mask - Order Here
 As much as it is great to use external products it is super important to make sure you're cleansing from the inside too. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but it's just like exercise without the right nutrition - doesn't make sense. You will see and feel the results much more if you clear your system as well as the outside. TeamI have a variety of all different types of teas to choose from and I like to mix up my teas too so make sure you check out the selection. 

TeamI Tea Blends - Order Here
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 This is what I'm taking on holiday! If you're travelling, this is ideal. It's a moisturising cream with a tint of colour so it also gives you low coverage. It's very light and soft I can't wait to use it more often, I just think it's great for the times when you're travelling and don't want to cake on foundation, when I tried this, it moisturised and evened out my skin tone.

Tinted Moisturizer - Order Here
 This tea has been great for my bloating problems, I have two a day. if you have any problems with slow digestion and acne this is amazing. It doesn't have no horrible aftertaste and look at that beautiful box :) It looks so pretty in my kitchen haha. 

Tiny Tea - Order Here
Another great tip for those that hate bloating, lowering foods that are high in carbs has helped me a lot too. I keep bread, pasta and potatoes to a minimum to avoid bloating that day.
 This is another must-have for daily use, it's a refreshing mist that you can use for your face with or without make up. It feels so light and just enough for a quick energy booster during the day, good to keep in your luggage/bag. After an airplane flight or an exam haha, when your skin feels dehydrated this is ideal.

Institut Spray - Order Here
 This is my latest obsession, it's a natural antioxidant and high intensity moisturising cream for thirsty skin. It's almost soothing and you can feel a minty touch after you apply it. It has all my favourite natural ingredients such as avocado, coconut oil, almond, aloe vera leaf juice and blueberry acid. I've actually been using this the most for after gym and shower when I need something soothing for muscles or feet after a day in heels. I would highly advice this for those in an active lifestyle that need that something after a long day. This is the One.

Mio - Order Here
Hope you guys enjoying reading through this post and hopefully you found this useful and will be grabbing some of these! I truly believe in the products I recommend and always honest about them  so do ask if you have any more questions about any of these :)

Happy Weekend!
Love, Skai x
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