Body Power Expo - Birmingham 2015

I'm going to take you through our two days at the Body Power Expo 2015 :).
Following from yesterday's journey post, we woke up early ready to go to Body Power. The line was crazy to begin with to even enter the place but it was so interesting to see the majority of people all in one place who are interested in a healthy and fitness lifestyle.

The main idea is that all different food, supplements and clothing brands get into one environment and offer discounts, free goodies for you to try them out. There are also many events and competitions around so it can get really busy!
Both days we were constantly offered different protein bars and shakes for fun :D why not.
It was amazing to meet some of the people we've only watched on Youtube and never met before who have had an influence on our fitness journeys. I was mostly excited to meet Nikki Blackketter and Christian Guzman. They both have their own fitness channels so do check them out! The lines to meet them were super long especially at the Gymshark booth! It basically meant that if you wish to speak to any of the athletes at Gymshark you must line up for a long time, other stands weren't too long at all. So proud of Gymshark doing so well!
Even the burgers at the Muscle Food stand had 50g of protein in them haha
Ladies, you're welcome.

During our lunch time we always found a show or a talk to go to, it was so inspiring and fun.
I also met Lydia who is also a fitness and fashion blogger in Uk who is sponsored by PHD Woman
So that's what Body Power is all about! It's hard to explain or justify in photos but I would highly recommend to go for fun, if you're interested in a healthy lifestyle or not! It has really shown me that there are so many more food replacements that are better for you and still taste the same! I got to taste high in protein skinny lattes and high in protein bread and beef burgers etc. It is just amazing to see that there are brands out there for you, so it is really just your choice of what you choose to eat. If you want to make a change in your body, believe me there are so many choices available it really is all down to you! I'm not saying don't ever eat cake, I simply believe that you can have a flexible and healthy diet with some treats now and then as long as you know they are treats! If you balance it all out you can still eat what you want and it doesn't have to be boring at all :).

Let me know what you think of such event, would you ever go? I will be sharing one last post from our weekend away tomorrow so keep an eye on that too :) Hope you're having a good week,

Love, Skai x
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