7 Day Meal Planner

Good evening, I've been working on the last final touches of my final Uni project while working from home today. So far two weeks left!
I wanted to introduce you to one thing I must have during my daily basis, this skinny tea! Detox'ing from the inside is very important. It clears up your system and is also great for replacing your snacking habits. It helps with skin issues as well as digestion so I highly recommend to get some for your every day basis. I even take these to work so I never miss out.

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This was my little study corner, I took everything outside and decided to work in the garden since the weather is so becoming much brighter :)
For breakfast I had 1 Large egg + 70g of egg whites, 10g of light cheese and 20g of Spinach followed by a cup of TeamI Skinny tea.
I've had a few girls ask for a weekly meal plan so I thought I would include it for you in this post. I've got to mention that it really depends on what your goals are and your height and body weight. It is also a personal progress depending on your metabolism and certain food tolerance so I cannot tell you this is exactly what you should eat/do. However what I can tell you is what has worked for me :)

So here it goes: 
At 5ft2 (1.60cm) I began at 57kg weight. I wasn't happy with my weight and wanted to lose some body fat and carry on building muscle at this stage I was eating 2,000 cal per day. In order to maintain my body weight I needed to eat 1,800cal per day and lose weight 1,300-1400 cal per day.

So right now I am eating at 1,300 per day which is the lowest I would ever go to, I have been in the cutting process since March, also have a few fitness events coming up as well as holidays that is why I wanted to be leaner this summer as well as see my personal results that I have achieved throughout my weight training too. The way I see it, is that you do not need to starve and only eat salad, you can treat yourself and be losing weight. I have lost 6kg and not once starved myself and still have treats!
Yes I do eat pizza! This is just an example for those that need inspiration or a plan to go by, I give myself a cheat meal once a week so I never miss out ;) I know I eat a lot of chicken as you can see haha but it is simply the best source of protein that I enjoy cooking in different ways. I like to oven cook my chicken, sometimes wrap it in foil or cook on the pan. However if you are not a fan there are plenty other meats and foods you could swap chicken for :)
Let me know if this plan is helpful for any of you and don't forget to order your teas at www.teamiblends.com and use SCENTOFBLANC10 to get your discount!
Hope you're all well!
Love, Skai x
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