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Hope everybody had an amazing Easter weekend! I haven't done many posts like this but let me know if you like them. 
I've kind of gathered all the images I've taken on my phone this week and going to talk you through my week :)

My mornings usually start with eggs haha (i'm pretty sure I should do a 'how to make your egg in 100 ways' by now). Recently, I've started to mix in my veggies while cooking egg whites.
After a quick breakfast I usually jog to the gym and start my day there especially if I know I'm busy during the evening. I don't usually stay in the gym longer than 1hour as I believe that if you've planned your workout you shouldn't have to stay there for hours. 45mins of Weight Training + 15 Cardio and off I go. If I know I'm free in the evening I like go with a friend later in the day too :)
The beginning of the week Lee and I went to get his Tattoo done and also booked mine! It is actually tomorrow and I'm getting a bit nervous now haha, any tips on how NotToFaint? 
We also visited Gym's Kitchen, we wanted to go for so long and we finally did. The food is affordable and their protein shakes are the best! Every meal has their macros next to them which makes it easier for us to note on our Fitness Pal which is always handy :)
I had 1 x Butterfly Chicken and Garlic Spinach
and a Protein Shake made of :

2 Scoops of Whey Chocolate Protein
1 Spoon of Peanut Butter
200ml Almond Milk

(Was also eyeing up these grey trainers this week...what do you think??)
Around mid week I went to COS stores and got myself this necklace, it's a minimal geometric piece and I love the simplicity of it. 
It's the beginning of April which also means Porter Magazine is here! I've got a slight obsession with it, those that follow me on Instagram will probably know already haha. I love their editorial shoots, editors picks, articles and just everything about it really!

(These black & leopard heels £3 at Brick Lane market say whaa!)
Most days I was actually catching up and trying to finish all of my sketchbook work for Uni. 6 x A3 sketchbooks down and I was ready for Easter :D
We had two ducks stuffed with orange and apple mmm.
In Lithuania we always paint eggs as a tradition every Easter, I suppose it's a cultural thing? In Uk people just give each other chocolate eggs (which is nice of course and I am not complaining ha). But my family just simply never grew out of this painting routine... So we had lots of markers and other bits to paint our eggs, we even had candles to use the wax too lol it pretty much looked like a primary school art lesson.
 It's always lovely to spend time with family and relax but after a long weekend, I am back home doing Uni work (and a little bit of blogging hehe), 4 Weeks Left!?

How was your Easter? Do you also paint eggs or know anyone else who does? Do share :)

Love, Skai x
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