Ab Workout

Hi guys, hope everyone is well! Today Lee and I went to my Uni to fix a few bits and get ready for the final hand in next week! Later that day we lunch'ed at Nandos and went to LAX Aldgate Gym in London. I wanted to share some of the ab exercises with you and let me know if you find these helpful!

First thing, just wanted to say I truly believe in the saying 'abs are made in the kitchen' it is all down to your diet 100%. Abs will only appear if you lose the body fat layer around them, you can train abs as much as you want but they won't appear unless you lose body fat through correct dieting. I know this through my own experience, I only started to see results once I began to have a balanced diet. So once your diet is sorted let's begin to train those abs and grown them :)
Exercise no. 1 - step outwards using one leg at a time, this one is a killer haha but really good. Repeat 3 x 10 (see first photo)
Exercise no. 2 - Lean forward, but not fully and touch each side of your foot by twisting. This targets the sides of your obliques, well the love handles we all 'love' so much hah. Repeat 3 x 20
Exercise no. 3 - keep your body fully on the ground and only lift your legs up (both at the same time, place them over one another if that helps) and down without fully placing them on the ground. When you're bringing them down do it as slow as possible. This targets the lower bit of your stomach, this part I've been struggling with for a while, I seem to store my fat in the lower part of my belly the most:( but hey, let's keep it going.
Repeat this 3 x 10

Hope you enjoyed this quick post, let me know if you found this useful and also what other exercises would you like to see?
Love, Skai x

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