The Perfect Protein Shake

The Perfect Protein Shake

Happy Friday everyone, hope you're all excited about the weekend and hopefully the sun will be out both days! I've had an early morning today and captured my slowly appearing abs :')
I get so excited purely because I never knew I even had such things before - now I know they exist!

As you may know I've been cutting for the summer and it's always so lovely to see results when you put the effort in. I've also also been to the gym and picked up some fruit from the market. So I've got a little recipe for you to try out this weekend that is healthy and delicious! I recommend to have this for breakfast or lunch?

As I've probably mentioned I am at 52kg 5ft2 at the moment with a goal of 50kg. I have reduced my carb intake slightly at the beginning of march so seeing how I will do in a few weeks! It has been tough but it is possible if you have a specific goal in mind! This protein smoothie is very filling so be prepared to be surprised how it will fill you up, it is 468 delicious calories in the end. I have used My Fitness Pal App to show you the exact measurements so you will need:

200ml Semi-skimmed milk / Almond / Soya milk / Water (recommend to try with Almond milk)
2 x Scoops of protein powder (50g)
Strawberries - 95g
Pear - 55g
Banana (medium size)

I have this amazing blender from NutriBullet it does the job in around a minute and I wouldn't swap it for any other! Also the weighing scales are great to keep on track as you can change them for all measurements such as grams and ml.

Protein Powder

Add milk first (almond milk has been and then two scoops of protein. This time I used MyProtein powder in Cookies and Cream flavour. Would highly recommend this flavour in all protein powders. I'm at that stage where I've taken so many different flavours I was starting to dread that time of the day when I need to have protein, I especially cannot deal with strawberry flavours anymore!

My personal tip would be get the flavour that reminds you of the snacks you usually crave! So for example I'm a lover for chocolate and biscuits... so I got this flavour and it's nice enough to have it as a 'dessert' at the end of your meal, it really does trick your mind into thinking you're eating something tasty. There is an article on 'benefits on protein shakes for weight loss' by DbolMuscleSecret that I recommend to go check out for more details.

Place all in the blender for 30 seconds and done! Add cinnamon or vanilla powders at the end if you like. My favourite at the moment is adding a spoon of peanut butter before blending together - delicious! This takes no more than 10mins to prepare and here comes your healthy breakfast/lunch high in energy and protein!

Love, Skai x
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