The Healthy Choice

Just a little example, I found these chicken pieces at Waitrose on my lunch break at work. I have packed my own salad and avocado that day so I saved money and got myself a healthy lunch!
Good evening guys, I think it is about time I update you on my fitness journey since my official start in January 2015. If you haven't yet make sure to look at the post 'My Summer Body' and you will see what my goals were!
I am still on a journey right now and can proudly say I have stuck to it and couldn't be happier when I see results! So far I have gone from 57kg at 5ft2 to 51.5kg. My goal is 50kg.
However I must make it clear that it is not about your weight! If you exercise, muscles weigh more than fat so don't judge your journey on the weighing scales, it's better to take progress photos! 

I've had a lot of you tell me you've started to look after your diet and exercise too due to my posts which is always an amazing thing to hear! I love hearing from you about your achievements as I am in the same position, trying to achieve mine.

The Cut
 At the moment my boyfriend and I are in the 'Cutting' process, we started it in March. For those that aren't sure what I mean by cutting, it's when you cut your calories from a caloric surplus to a caloric deficit. This means you're going from eating a certain amount of calories to gain weight to cutting to amount of calories in order to lose weight.

For example my calories at the beginning when I was gaining weight at 57kg were 2,000 and now I am eating 1,450 per day which is made up of 48 Fat, 109 Carbs and 145 Protein.

Carbs is your primary source of Energy so you need carbs, don't be cutting them out totally and starve all day. Therefore in order to lose body fat I have lowered my carbs so my body will look to find energy from the secondary source which is fat.
As well as this I have increased my protein intake to make sure I am preserving as much muscle as I have gained through out when I was gaining weight.

 I have also started to include a 15min cardio session at the end of each weight training workout as well as having an actual full cardio day in the gym. However that doesn't mean you forget weights! I've stuck to weight training too and carrying on eating clean, just lowered my treats :)
Myself and Lee have decided upon having One Cheat Meal per week, so we can look forward to something we've been craving that week!

Don't Give in - Replace Instead
 Best advice I could give you is that all you have to do is try find replacements for your favourite foods. So for example you love coffee..(the way I do) then make sure you always get a 'Skinny' which hardly has any fat in it. Or instead of a Peanut Butter Kit Kat get yourself a Peanut Butter Protein Bar!

 Also don't be afraid to ask for a healthier option, for example I went into Starbucks and took a few minutes to see what they have and found an omelette wrap, asked to take away some of the cheese and that was my breakfast. There are many temptations around us at all times that's why I advice to cook yourself.

One the Go
However I understand that not every meal can be eaten at home especially if you have a busy schedule and forgot to pack lunch. I used to get a little embarrassed and think what if he/she at a restaurant or cafe thinks I'm so fussy and picky.. but hey, who's going to get that body you want, them or you?
If it means asking for a wholemeal bagel instead of white bread, to remove any cheese of the sandwich at a cafe or have egg whites instead of full egg then you go for it!
The amount of times I have to do this just because I travel a lot and seem to always be on the go to uni or work. There is nothing wrong with choosing the better option for you, especially if you cannot always eat at home.

 I wanted to share some of the foods I have found to be great for a healthy snack! I know it can get tough and I get so hungry in between my meals sometimes it's easy to just get yourself crisps or chocolates. However there are many other options I promise, here are a few I recommend:

Popcorn - if you fancy a snack, get yourself some skinny popcorn! It's low in calories and tasty.
Blueberries - Low in carbs (Only 6g of Carbs in 100g!) 
Protein Bars - High in Protein and pick any flavour!
Teas - whenever you feel hungry even though you've just had your meal, make yourself a tea! It kind of tricks your stomach that you've just had more food :)
Water - I know it may sounds like the obvious option, but believe me it works. Drink more water in-between your meals and you will be less hungry.
Hope you've enjoyed this post about my recent diet and exercise plan. Please feel free to leave any questions/comments below and also follow myself (@scentofblanc) and Lee (@leealexandersimon) on Instagram for daily posts on our Fitness Journey!

Love, Skai x
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