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Good afternoon everyone, how's your week going? I've calculated that I have 7 weeks of University left, forever! It's crazy to think it has gone so quickly and I'm glad to say I am now ready to finish :)

I wanted to share some of the photos I have taken at The Body Shop, Fuji Green Tea EventMy friend Eva and I came together that day and we were kindly shown around the place. The atmosphere was filled with natural beauty products, make-up booth, massage place and lots of green tea and delicious treats.
Of course, I got my hands on a few cups of green tea, there were different types...so I tried them all :D
Earlier that day I actually went to the gym and worked out Back & Biceps, so this was perfect! At first I was like 'do not press your face into the chair too much remember your makeup will get ruined...Oh wait'. One minute later I was so relaxed I was glad nobody saw my half open mouth and squashed cheeks inside that chair. Oops :') that was a-amazing and much needed.
One of the treats inside the goodie bag was this eyeliner. There are a few types, they're all inspired by the Japanese culture and vary in the thickness of the eyeliner. Eva and I went up to the make up booth and the lovely ladies from The Body Shop tried it out on us.
Later that day there was a Tea Testimony where we received a presentation of the new Fuji Green Tea range and its heritage by The Body Shop team. Also got to taste some delicious freshly made green teas again :)
Here is it! The full range of all products that will be available online soon!
This is what I received inside the goodie bag! I absolutely cannot wait to try this out (I am kind of planning my next bath session as we speak). It literally looks like it could be actual tea but it is all beauty related and the infuser is just incase you don't want the granules inside your bath. I can just image the refreshing feel you will get after that bath because the package smells so minty and fresh.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post and a little eventful day with me, let me know what you think of the new Green Tea Products! Which one would you want to try first?

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Love, Skai x
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