Office Space & Espree Jewellery

Hi guys, hope everyone is well and haven't been as ill as me :( I get so frustrated because I know I need to rest and do nothing but rest.
But then all I can think of is that I need to do this and that etc. *coversface*. But I'm feeling much better now and decided while i'm at home let me show you my little working space. It's nothing special, just a simple, open space with a table haha. 
I recommend:

- Keep your space bright and invest in good lighting.
(Nothing worse than sitting in a dark, gloomy room, no motivation.)

- Place your table by the window for more natural light.
(And away from your bed, always best to have your working space in another room to not associate sleeping and working within the same space)

- Have access to the Internet
(Always good to know you have Wifi if you have an idea you want to research into)

- Notebook & Pen 
(I know it sounds silly but get a notebook you like and a pen you enjoy writing with. Personally I hate having blue inked pens & thin lined paper, it doesn't motivate me to plan anything lol I choose thicker pages, comfortable size notebook and black ink pens.)

- Inspiring Books, Magazines 
(I recommend to always stay inspired, keep magazines/cutouts next to you to know that you can always flick through articles and imagery if you ever feel uninspired. 

While were by my table let me show you some Stirling Silver pieces I received in the post a few days ago by Espree Jewellery. They have some stunning designs that are luxurious yet so affordable! Make sure to check them out at www.espree-jewellery.co.uk.
I'm inlove with the ring, it's so simple and minimal but perfect for everyday wear!
I've been sticking to many Green Teas & Detox teas, actually thinking to top up and try out some new ones. Let me know if you have a favourite one! 
What's your working space like? What do you think of Espree Jewellery?
Let me know if you found this interesting :)
Love, Skai x
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