A Week of Diet & Exercise

 I would like to take you through my usual week of eating and exercising! Just thought it would be cool to add all the photos up from my weeks and see what I can show you.
Most of you that have me on Instagram will see some photos you've already seen me post :) Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you, keep me updated if you're trying any of these out! For those who just started to read my blog so far I have gone from 57kg to 52kg. Goal weight 50kg but keep toned!

So as you know when I started my Fitness & Health journey I told you I wish to drink more water. My aim was to try and hit 1.5L - 2L per day, got to say it is difficult since I kept filling up my small 0.5L bottles 4 times a day haha. One day my boyfriend found these really cool 2.2L bottles to help me stay on track! They're great for the gym & if you're not carrying a lot that day you can keep it in your bag. I actually expected it to be much bigger lol but it is a decent size and just what I need! We got ours from Ebay, so have a look for some good deals.

 DAY 1 - Leg Day
  Legs! My favourite workout day so I made it into my very first day back after the weekend! I always focus on no more than two muscles groups per day as I believe it is very important to focus on one muscle properly and not just touch upon it and see no results in the long run. ( Exactly what I used to do in the gym two years ago, come in and work out for 5mins on each machine :D) For legs I like to do Leg Lounges, Leg Press, Squats and Glutes related exercises using weights.

Breakfast: I usually start my breakfast with a light meal, I like to turn to porridge or scrambled egg since I'm most likely be running late and they're easy to make. I like to mix it up with some salad too and a coffee!
Snack: Add one banana to your porridge or an apple after your egg on the go!

Lunch: Protein bar and a pack of blueberries

Dinner: If I stay away from pastas/rice/potatoes during the day I like to have spaghetti or pasta for dinner. Tuna pasta with sweetcorn, mmm.

 DAY 2 - Back & Biceps
Breakfast/ Lunch: I would like to introduce you to my most favourite dish - pancakes! However they're not your usual pancakes, they're good for you and delicious. Since I found this mix I like to mix it up and instead of a protein shake I make myself pancakes! It only takes you around 10-15mins and you only need some milk, since everything else is already added. It has 22g of Protein which is equivalent to a protein bar or one scoop of protein shake. Great for breakfast or lunch.
Have yours with Low Fat/0% Fat Yogurt or Sugar Free Syrups!

Dinner: Roast Chicken with some vegetables and salad

Day 3 - Triceps & Shoulders
Breakfast: Day 3 may start with a Whole Meal bagel with some mixed leaf salad and 2 slices of thin chicken slices, oo and a coffee! 
Lunch: Sometimes I'm lucky to work from home so I can easily track my macros/calories, as you've probably noticed my main ones that I look out for are fats and sugars. Purely because that's were all the sugar treats and croissants are based :) So I try to keep those within my daily intakes of 32 Fat and 45 Sugars. I keep track of all of the food I eat on My Fitness Pal, I highly recommend to download this app as it makes it so much easier, I promise.

Dinner: Vegetable soup and a slice of brown bread

I like to mix it up and go gym with the girls or my boyfriend now and then. It's nice to have company especially if you're both working on the same thing that day. Also a good catch up! You girls know who you are ;)

Day 4 - Abs & Cardio
Breakfast: Day 4 may consist of one medium egg & one egg white of one egg. I remember I had a big dinner that night so I've kept my meals low in fat by reducing the fat that comes with an egg or avoiding sausages. I know it is not a lot but it does add up especially if you know you're treating yourself to a rack of ribs! (those that have ever tracked how much fat comes with bbq ribs will know exactly what I mean :D).

This takes me to another point that I would like you to know, eating healthy doesn't mean you cannot treat yourself! I do and I'm not afraid to say so, best advice I could give you is that it is okay if you do it in moderation. If you know you're having that slice of birthday cake later on just simply avoid sugar and fats during the day :) keep your treats low and it's all good.

Lunch: I know it can get tough if you're busy and always in and out of shops buying yourself lunch. Well best advice would be to pack your lunches to work so you don't have to worry! However if you're like me and sometimes forget to, some sandwiches are really not that bad. Check out the fats/carbs/sugars in this one! So no excuses.

Dinner: I had a treat of Rack of BBQ Ribs with some mixed salad. 

Snack: Skinny Latte & Mixed Nut bag

DAY 5 - Cardio
On day 5 I usually have a full workout of cardio which involves exercises that gets that heart rate up!
So anything from running machine, rowing machine, stair master, cross trainer etc. If you hate machines you can always do some repetition exercises with some weights! I like to mix it up and do some machines as well as using weights.
Breakfast: Half pack/1 Prawn salad sandwich, 0% Fat yogurt and strawberries! Yes you can see chocolate, it was a Valentines treat :)
Lunch: I keep it simple and recently tried this Roast Chicken Soup from Waitrose it wasn't expensive at all and delicious! Also very low in fat which is always good.
Dinner: Chicken Wings, Brown Rice & Spinach

Hope you guys enjoyed a quick review of my week of Diet & Exercising! Don't worry I'm no robot and I do switch it up and mix up my meals. 
When it comes to exercising I do like to stick to the same split/routine and only change it if needed to rearrange dates. It keeps me on track and I know that I'm focusing on each muscle equally.
Let me know if you found this useful and if you would like to see more of these??
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Love, Skai x
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