My Healthy Breakfast Meal

Hi guys, hope everyone is having a great start to their week! I would like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback I received in my last post called 'My New Summer Body'.
I'm very happy that so many of you found it interesting and motivated to start your fitness journey!
So, that brings me to today's post where I would like to give you some ideas on what you could have for breakfast that is still tasty as well as healthy! I don't know about you, but I never have too much time in the morning so I like to make meals that are super quick and easy! This doesn't take longer than 15mins, If you're running late swap this for some porridge ;). As long as you make sure you don't miss your breakfast it's all good.

You will need:
2 x Eggs
2 x Thin Sliced Cooked Chicken 
1/2 of Avocado
15g of Mixed Leaf Salad
  Mixed Leaf Salad is curently my obsession of the month! You can add it to any food and it's a great replacement to unnecessary carbs, such as potatoes and rice.
     'Fry Light' spray is also another one of my favourites, replace this instead of using Oil and you will never want to use anything else! It's only 1 Calorie per spray and doesn't make your food greasy at all. 
    Now add your favourites spices and it's all yours! Personally I like to add just some salt & pepper :)
My Fitness Pal App   
I wanted to recommend to get the App called 'My Fitness Pal' where you can track your micronutrients and keep track on what you eat! I use this daily it's amazing, all you have to do is search or scan the barcode of the food that you're having and it helps you keep on track! 

     As you can see I am sticking to 1,450 Calorie goal per day (45% Carbs, 20% Fat and 35% Protein). This does not mean this is the intake I recommend, it all depends on your height and weight, also depends on the body you wish to achieve which always varies! As I've mentioned in my last post my goal is to build muscle/tone up for the summer! My Height is 5'3ft and Weight 53kg. 
I know it may sound a bit weird to track your calories (as we usually imagine that only super skinny models do this, but such method is extremely popular with many fitness athletes and anyone who wishes to understand their body a little better) I think it's the perfect way to know exactly what you had that day and find out what you need to improve on! 
For example I know my weaknesses are fats and sugars, I noticed that one day when I added my lovely delicious croissant into the app! So 25g of fat out of my 32g daily goal didn't go very well :D Since then I started to replace croissant snacking with protein bars, nuts and fruit. My Fitness Pal keeps me up to date and there is a saying that you should remember what you ate at the end of the day, if you don't - it can only mean you don't think before you eat. Which probably means you get up to some extra snacking you could live without :).
Coffee Addict    
Some of you may already know, I love my coffee :$ 'Nespresso' coffee tablets, Vanilla flavour is my fave! Add a little bit of semi-skimmed milk, spoon of honey and it's done within a minute. I am not here to state that coffee is something you should include in your daily diet and I have started to swap it for detox teas during the day.
Coffee is definitely something I have been lowering within my diet as well as sugar, so far I've cut down to only having one cup per day in the mornings to wake me up (I used to have one in the morning and another one during the day). I've swapped Normal Lattes/Toffee Nut Lattes I used to have from Starbucks to Skinny Lattes. Normal Latte is made with full-fat milk, for example a normal medium latte from Starbucks has 7% fat and 16.5% sugars. Skinny Latte has 0.2% fat and no sugar! That way you can have it sugar-free or add your own sugar, the less the better. So just make sure you replace your lattes when you do get your coffee!
Always make sure you have lots of water during the day just to keep your body hydrated, if you love hot drinks like me swap to green teas instead! 
Hope you guys found this useful and enjoyed the post, feel free to leave any of your favourite breakfast meals & tips down below!

Love, Skai x
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