London Getaway - Back & Biceps Work Out

  I have already shared some of the things from our anniversary in my last post, including some photos from outfits and our dinner, if you haven't seen it yet it will be bellow this post :)
On the day, after we checked-in we both made our way to the gym.
I know most people would probably question why would you go gym on your relaxing time away, but keeping fit is definitely something we adore and it really does make my day! Just makes me feel more awake, full of energy and I wouldn't deny that it makes me happier as a person to see changes, as well as working towards my personal goal.
   We chose to do our back & biceps today as we both ended up leaving those out through out the week, the gym was small but had just enough of equipment that we needed. Almost got us thinking that this is the type of gym that would be great to have in a home, it's sweet and is just enough of what a good work out needs. The actual gym was based at the Modern London Hotel, Verta in Battersea so it only took us a couple of minutes in a lift to get down there.

    After a great work out we were both a little sore, I was rather unsure whether doing my back at the gym was a good idea since we are both having a back & neck massages! But it was great, so relaxing and soothing. Not going to lie some parts we both silently dealt with but it did hurt at times ha! I didn't mind though as it was something I was really looking forward to and it's always a nice treat. It was my first time having a massage and I could really feel the difference in my back, it wasn't as tensed as it used to be.
     After our massages we visited the pool which was literally like a huge jacuzzi! The water was so warm it felt like I was in a big bath ha! but it had different parts to it which produced bubbles, very different to a normal pool which was just what we needed after a gym session and back massage :) to end our day we went into a few different saunas and went back to the hotel to get ready for our night!

Hope you enjoyed my post, do leave me a comment!
Love, Skai x
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