London Fashion Week - Talents Event, Designers

  During London Fashion Week I was invited to 'Talents event' at Mason House in London where many talented designers showcased their work. It was a really fun night as I came with my close friends, we enjoyed having a look around the place, it was based in the club which was filled with many designers, illustrators and other creatives.
   One of my personal favourites was Amin Anthony Phillips, was lovely to meet the actual designer in person, he talked me through some of his work and I was really drawn to this huge, grey coat which is the colour that I adore this season, also one thing I won't forget is the quality of his garments! Amin's boldly elegant coats can be spotted everywhere in the UK and USA. 
  I even got to try it on! My mini self probably didn't look as good as the models did in this coat but was fun to try some on :)
   As I was walking past, these interesting designs caught my eye, I really wanted to find out what they were as they looked like something you would be lucky to find on an island by the exotic beach.     As I got closer I could see that these were small pieces of jewellery by Jekaterina Atarinovaher collection reflects electro-forming and coated in fine sterling silver which look so precious and delicate.
  I actually came to the show to view one of my close friends designs so when I saw her I couldn't hold back to hug her and congratulate her for making it so far! Suman Kia Sudra is a very creative pattern cutter and womenswear designer, she is actually just like me still studying and will be going into her final year of uni in a few weeks. 
 Her style is so feminine and pretty, hugely influenced by anything vintage and retro. Her recent designs are very basic and clean which I love, they looked like something I would pick up and buy straight away.
     Shadia Nicole's work really stood out to me, they looked very futuristic and bright, I could see that she was very inspired by more technical cuts and lines but still very feminine designs. Shadia is an international based Womenswear label where she joins aesthetic with unconventional fabrics to then make them wearable.
Overall we had a great night, grabbed a cocktail and enjoyed our time in London :) 
Hope you enjoyed my post,
Love, Skai x
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