Lithuania - Go Karting & Climbing

   It’s our last few days in Lithuania, so the plan for today was to travel to Anyksciai and visit a few popular places that involved different activities.
The first one was to go to ‘Nuotykiu Parkas’ where we got to climb an obstacle course in the forest. There were six levels which would become more difficult each time and much higher. One of them included a zip-line going across the river, which was amazing! Knowing me I am usually so scared of heights but this time I couldn’t miss such opportunity and I'm so glad that I done it ha! So much fun, would definitely recommend visiting if you’re around Anyksciai in Lithuania. We had our Go-Pro essentials and Lee filmed a lot of it by placing the Go-Pro on his head while climbing, can’t wait to see the end film of our time in Lithuania! Will be posting that on my blog as soon as the editing is done : )
      Later that day we lunched in the city of Anyksciai and went to a Go Karting place called Kartingai.  We had a lot of fun racing each other, everyone seemed to get into it very quickly but it ended before we knew it. You get to race 5 times around the track and it almost felt like it should go on for much longer than that! A little disappointing, wish it was timed instead, but a fun way to end the day.
What’s everyone up to these last few weeks of Summer? Leave me a comment,

Love, Skai x
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