Lithuania - Camping

Laba diena! Saying my hello’s from Lithuania this time, while sitting outside in the sun, tasting a little bit of my dad’s home made wine.
Every year, we make sure we get away and go camping in the forest and rent out a place by the lake. So before we knew it, we’d packed our tents, sleeping bags and drove to a private camping site in Utena where we also rented out a boat and two canoes. When I say this is real camping - it really is! There is no cheating, no plugs to charge your phone, fold-up tables or ready-made food. We had pure wooden, hand-made stools to sit on, fire place and a beautiful lake.  Food was made from fresh ingredients and was only cooked on the fire. The place was so calming and relaxing, you almost start to wonder what if you just stayed here for a little while longer, would we survive, ha!
 Swimming in the lake is very popular in Lithuania, the water is clear and no dangerous fish or animals live here so it is great for families to bring their kids into the nature and enjoy the summer.

 I’ve been brought up around fishing so it wasn’t anything new to me, but Lee was only fishing for the 2nd time which was quite fun to watch. Fishing is so much more fun than it sounds, you get used to it so much you don’t want to stop! All of us sat around the lake and had a lovely time just catching fish for a couple of hours, chatting away with the sun setting in the distance. 

Later on that evening, we cooked the fish we caught on the fire, grilled some traditional meat/kebabs referred to as ‘saslykai’ in Lithuanian and had some drinks, followed by some remarkably funny dance moves later that night, with the background music coming from the car.

Nature is definitely something I love escaping to, especially from London’s traffic and constant noise and rush, this place makes you feel so far away from everything, no internet or phones are needed, just good company and a little bit of home-made sweet berry wine. 

Hope you enjoyed my post, feel free to comment and share! Always interested to read your comments :) 
Love, Skai x
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