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  Exercise has been a big part of my life for over a year now and I couldn't help but write a post related to it! I wanted to share my work out essentials and hope it helps you if you're interested in improving your shape.
Personally, exercising is more than physical, it affects my mood and relaxes me after a long day of work. If I choose to exercise in the morning before a busy day it also prepares me for the day & makes me feel more energetic and active. I would highly recommend it, not just for your body but for your health too! Here are some of my personal essentials that I need for my work outs:
| Lean Whey High Protein Powder - £18.99 (price discounted from £30.99) |

 I'm a lover for fruit smoothies, and this strawberry flavoured protein powder is perfect for mixing! Personally I like to add one scoop of it to my smoothie after a work out & have one more later on in the day. On rest days I take one scoop per day. This protein powder is perfect for adding that extra 20g of protein to your diet, & no girls it doesn't make you fat! One scoop has 1.1g of fat & only 98 calories, it is also mixed with CLA, L-Carnitine & Green tea extracts. I used to think protein was strictly for men only but I was totally wrong! Protein allows your muscles to grow faster after your work outs and really speeds up the toning up process. 
| Perfectil, Skin, Hair & Nails Original - Triple Active, £20 bought on Ebay |

Perfectil tablets are designed to compliment your daily skin and hair care routine with a range of over 20 micronutrients including Vitamin B. I couldn't be more happier with the results, I have been taking these every day for the past 3 months and my nails & hair started to grow much faster and thicker. I don't always have the time to paint my nails & do my hair in the mornings, but once I've started taking these it hasn't been much of a problem, I save time and just leave them out looking natural. Would definitely recommend to have these, especially through out the summer when sun damages our skin, hair & nails the most.

Sports Bra is a must if you're serious about your work out! It makes such a huge difference to jogging & comfort, you can actually move around and feel like everything is holding together! ;)

These bottoms have been the best thing ever! I always struggled with finding the right bottoms for exercising, these are very elastic and allows all sorts of stretching without damaging the item. Worst thing is when you see girls in the gym with their see-through leggings - squatting. These are totally covering and perfect for every day jogs & work outs. 

Working out is not the same without music! It doesn't matter what earphones or headphones you have it is always nice to step into your own bubble at the gym with no distractions and your own play lists. Personally I've invested in Dre Beats because quality of the sound is very important to me. I literally cannot hear anything around me and can fully focus on my workouts, it also doesn't move away from your ears and you can run as fast as you want with them. They stay on perfectly and I know the price is high for these but I've had them for over two years now and they still work perfectly unlike cheap £5 earphones that need to be replaced after a week! Would highly recommend to spend a little more for the quality than waste money on all different types of earphones.

Hope you enjoyed my post, keep me updated with what you like to stick to for your work outs & if you have any questions feel free to comment !

Love, Skai x

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