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I've recently visited the heart of Czech Republic, Prague. I've already created an outfit post for you earlier this week & this time I would like to share my experience around the city.

The initial idea to pick Prague came from wanting a short city break, something romantic but interesting and not a hot summer holiday as I will be going away for that tan in the summer! That's when I came across Prague, it was a surprise for my boyfriend's birthday so I had some places booked & planned before we got there.
 Most days we spent walking around, looking into different shops which mostly meant turning to roads we have never heard of to explore and find new, different places. Our hotel was only a couple of minutes away from the main city which was like Oxford Street to us here in London. One day we've come across Pariska Street which was filled with all the most exclusive brands including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Cartier and many more. This street reminded us of a side street near Champs Elysees in Paris so much! For those who have visited Paris, this road is a copy of the one in Paris; full of luxury, top fashion brands and class all on one, long street.
I've picked this hotel for us, only a couple of minutes away from the main city, the location was perfect and hotel itself was very elegant and stylish. I would highly recommend Best Western Premier, Majestic Plaza if you're planning a little trip to Prague, we've also received a red bottle of their house wine on the night of my boyfriend's birthday which was lovely :)
 Our usual day would start with breakfast in the hotel around 8/9 am, then we would get up and go to the gym which was located around 10mins away from the hotel. Yes we actually did go every day haha, it was fun and nice to know that we kept our usual fitness routine, instead of having a total break for one week and not bothering. Exercising has always helped me to relax, gain energy and just be in a happier mood for the rest of my day. Then we would go sightseeing and visit little shops and restaurants. One of the best parts of the day would be finding small antique shops with interesting, cultural souvenirs and historic backgrounds. This would really teach us about Prague and the history behind it, I saw lots of similar symbols and objects that kept repeating which would make it clear that these are related specifically to Prague's culture.
 These VM window displays were really minimal & simple yet cute and inviting, thought they looked pretty cool. 
 | Burberry, Pariska Street, Prague |
 Some of my personal inspirations that I've captured in Prague: the depth of detail and patterns in the works of artists such as Gustav Klimt, White flowers around on the main street, lots of green. If I had to put it on to a colour palette, of the colours I've been inspired by it would sound something like this: mustard yellow (streets, buildings), dark green (plants, trees, clothes) and Ivory (white floral designs, real flowers, pavements)
This was another place i've booked for us, for my boyfriends birthday dinner. 
'Terasa U Zlate Studne' was allocated on a hill, around twenty minutes drive from the main city. We got there when it was still light so the view looked amazing, we sat outside on the terrace, which made it a little more private and special, with the whole city of Prague in front of us & jazz music in the background. The food was outstanding & service was amazing, got some complimentary snacks and a beautiful birthday cake for my love! 
Overall we had an amazing time away, would definitely recommend to visit Prague if you haven't yet!
Hope you enjoyed my post & had a lovely relaxing Sunday :)

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Love, Skai x

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