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It has been a little while since I've posted on my blog, I am going to be working on more projects from now on and have more time to blog on here, so you will be hearing from me more often :) I have been interning at Fabulous Magazine for six weeks and wanted to share some of the moments with you. Most days are spent in the office so it is lovely to have a day out on a shoot!

Once I got to Shoreditch Studios I got to meet the model first as we got there at the same time, she was a lovely young girl who told me all about her travels to Japan & Thailand and how her life has changed since she's got into modelling. I was also introduced to the florist, who was already in process of creating these beautiful head pieces from real flowers and making them with her hands in front of us! She had lots of them already done as some can take hours to create, these were placed in the fridge to keep them cold and fresh.
After meeting the whole team including the photographer, photographers assistant, make up artist, hair stylist and set designers me and the stylist/editor were ready to begin! The idea of this Shoot was to create a 'Flower Explosion' for a page in the magazine for Fabulous called 3D Florals. I knew it will be a messy day when I found out that flowers will be thrown in the air & smoke machine will be used!
My first job was to open all the suitcases that we packed the night before and get all the clothes out, hang them in the order of shorts, tops, dresses, jackets and trousers. Once these were organised I started to steam all of the items, while the stylist was organising the outfits.
Flowers were also ready to be used as head pieces, I couldn't get enough of them all day! It almost made me lose interest in all the fake floral headpieces we brought with us, we just simply weren't interested haha! These were a million times more beautiful, it was such pure representation of Spring & Summer I just wanted to keep them all.
Our day started at 9.30am and since we all got here, everyone was busy working within their own area. It was such a beautiful and calming atmosphere, to see such creative individuals come together to do what they do best. We had the ID Magazine Soundtrack playing through out the day which kept us all in harmony of working together, we had a small area for breakfast where we were treated to refreshments, fresh fruit, yogurt & bread through out the day. We were also treated to some Thai food during lunch all included within our time spent at the studios.
It took around 2 hours to get started, the model was having her makeup and hair done, while set designers & photographers collaborated to set the correct scene, check the lighting and try out various backgrounds.
You probably know what I'm about to say, I am in love with flowers so this wasn't so easy for me to see how all these beautiful flowers were totally ripped apart! But of course it was all for a shoot and it really did make a huge difference in photos. Different colour flowers were used for different outfits, everything was taken into consideration very carefully. For example one of the outfits included a lot of dark purples and pastel pinks which then insinuated the photographer to use a purple background & set designers used light yellow flowers to contrast the outfit.
The dressing room area is always one of my favourite rooms, you get to see lots of make up & hair products, these were also packed in suitcases and then taken out all around the tables, ready to be used.
We started shooting around 12 o'clock, my job was to dress the model in the chosen outfits each time, outfits are usually already organised in sets by the stylist before she comes on a shoot, however like the stylist said herself, you never know what can happen once you're here, the model might not fit the item or colours might not match. Many factors can change once the outfit is on, so we did mix and match a couple of times. It was lovely to feel like my opinion was considered and I really felt like my opinion was a huge part of this process, which was amazing. One of the main things I had to do is make sure I note down each item that we used, write down where they are from & description. This would then be taken into the offices with me to find out the correct prices for them from PR companies.
We ended up finishing around 6.30 pm, we finished with flowers all over the place and the area was rather messy, but everyone was very happy with the shots and it felt like a very productive day. We did 8 outfits and had one chosen photo for each outfit. It is crazy what can be done in 9 hours with the correct people in once place. 

Overall it was one of my favourite days ever, I couldn't be more thankful to experience such fun shoot and meet such lovely people.
Hope you all enjoyed this post & had a lovely weekend! 

Love, Skai x

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