24 year old, Skaiste mostly known as Skai, runs a lifestyle blog called Scent Of Blanc covering the areas of beauty, fitness, travel and fashion. 

Skai also gets creative while working as the campaign manager at a creative agency in London. She spends a couple of days a week looking after beauty and lifestyle brands, specialising in blogger collaborations, brand marketing, social content activation and creation.


Fascinated by travels, quality sports bras and new skincare products.


'I was born in Lithuania and have been living in the UK for over ten years. I began my blog while studying at University and simply fell in love with being able to create content and share it with the world. 
I enjoy travelling, meeting new people, writing and taking photos of places and things that I have been inspired by. In the last few years I began my fitness and health journey which has now become part of my lifestyle. I work out around three times a week and keep up with a balanced nutrition. I get a little too excited over new active wear and enjoy seeing my body happier inside and out. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me!
Love, Skai x'

Disclaimer: If an item / brand has sponsored any of the posts Skai will notify you at the end of the post. Any chosen topics, items and brands are always honest and realistic.