My New Summer Body

     Hi Guys, Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2015 and I would like to step into it with a little motivation for you all and a little plan. Recently I posted a question asking what girls would like to know more regarding fitness & health and I received many responses
which I was super excited about, thank you! I'm going to start with my personal journey so you guys can relate and know how it all began. I first stepped into the gym around three/four years ago, for those that are thinking I haven't even started yet don't worry keep reading..it's never too late.

Waste of time
  So I'm going to explain to you all how I wasted my time and money in the gym for around two years, yes two years! The only thing I used to do in the gym is step on to the running machine and go on it for as long as possible believing that this is what's going to get me the body I wanted! Slowly I started to realise that I'm losing body fat - all over. I've become skinny everywhere and literally just skinny. No round bum or 'toned' arms or legs that I thought I would achieve by staying 'fit'. At this point I also kept my eating habits the same, sometimes even avoided eating and left my body starving as I totally thought it would help.

'Weight Room is just for men'
    I'm very happy that around this stage of my life I met Lee, my boyfriend who had all the knowledge about exercising and fitness. When he first told me in order to build muscle/tone up you MUST lift weights. Honestly, I remember thinking to myself 'Ain't nobody got time' for looking like a bodybuilding man-a-like-woman(I'm giggling as I'm writing remembering my silly reaction). 

     But he was right! I couldn't stress more how it all makes sense now, believe me lifting weights will not make you 'bulky' or 'manly' this is the biggest myth ever. Lifting weights actually builds muscle in the areas you want as well as burns a lot of fat during the exercising, more than running machine! And believe me in order to look like one of those manly-beast-women you would need to be on steroids. You're not gonna turn into a man after weight training believe me :D I will show you some of the photos of girls who weight train and you can tell me if they look like men!
Cardio is great for your health in general and I always try to add in a 10-15 min cardio session (running, cross trainer, rowing machine) at the end of my workout. However my main workout happens in the weight room (30min-50min).

Different Body Shapes
     I've always said this, all of us have different body shapes some are naturally super skinny, some are curvy etc. and I'm not here to say what's a perfect body! It simply means we all have different body goals we should respect. 

    Or maybe you're like me, want to build muscle and tone for summer? Or maybe you wish to lose or put on some weight? I respect each answer because if we're all here to make a change then we're all in it no matter the body shapes.
Don't Starve Yourself
  Eating well is also very important, starving yourself is not! By avoiding food your body starts to look for other ways to get the energy it needs, from other parts of your body like your breasts and bum, do you want to lose those too? Didn't think so. Also, not eating two weeks before holiday means that you're most likely not going to lose as much weight as you would if you balanced your diet properly. If you starve, your body will simply get super excited that you're eating and take extra incase you starve it again! So make sure you eat regularly, just choose the correct foods.

   I'm going to do a short list of what I would recommend to do in the gym and kitchen in order to start your journey towards your summer body:

   - If you wish to lose weight: Weight Training (40min) + Cardio (20min), cut down in foods with lots of sugar and carbs, drinks lots of water, get some detox teas and eat clean. (Veggies, lean meat, fruit, nuts) Also make sure you have a high amount of protein to support muscle repair after weight training.

    - If you wish to maintain/grow muscle: Weight Training (1hour) + Cardio session once or twice a week. Drink 2L of water per day, get some protein bars/shakes, eat lean meat + veggies.

  For both types I recommend attending gym at least 3 times a week, I usually try go 4 times. However diet is just as important if not more! You will gain the body you want if you remember that it's 30% -exercise and 70% diet, yes! And the term ' your abs are made in the kitchen' has more truth than you think :). 

 Protein is another girls favourite myth, protein does not make you 'bulky' or 'manly'. Protein is a natural macronutrient found in many foods, especially meats such as chicken. Protein helps your muscles to repair quicker after breaking down the muscle tissue when weight training. So imagine, one day you have the best workout and then your whole body hurts like crazy for the next couple of days LOL. It can put you off working out for the rest of the week because your muscles may be hurting/growing. However Protein will help you repair your muscles quicker, meaning after a few days you can be back in the gym, working towards your summer body!

Best way to describe it is; if a woman needs to consume around 120g of protein per day which is equivalent to three chicken breasts, I'm pretty sure you do not have that much chicken or other lean meats to yourself everyday! 

I would like to list some of the vitamins/supplements that I take daily and would highly recommend for you to get some! Since I started taking these, for the first time especially in the Winter I haven't been ill (I used to always be ill!) and feel much more awake each day. So keeping your diet & supplements right is just as important as exercise.

      - Protein Shakes - My favourite brand is MyProtein - Chocolate Smooth flavour (get yours here). I have two scoops per day with either milk or water. Sometimes I mix in a banana or any fruit of your choice and put it all in a blender!

Shop All MYPROTEIN items Here!

  - Another great source of protein is Protein bars - At the moment I'm in-love with Quest protein bars, Cookies & Cream flavour (get yours here). It tastes amazing and is high in protein! So when I'm on the go or at work and really craving a snack, protein bars are the best. It also makes sure I hit my daily protein target of the day. And I'm a huge chocolate fan :$ So I started to get chocolate based protein shakes and bars to replace my silly kit-kat snacking!

  - Cod Liver Oil Tablets - is a must! It supports the maintenance of your bones, joints, immune system and function of normal skin. Holland & Barrett - Pure Cod Liver Oil Tablets (get yours here).
   - Multivitamins - is also a must! It makes sure you have enough of Vitamins A, D, E & C. Especially if you have certain food you don't like, allergic to or don't get enough of this adds any missing vitamins your body needs. Valupak Multivitamins (get yours here).


- Skin, Hair & Nails - helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails :) I always order these in bulk, usually on eBay. Perfectil, Original Triple Active (get yours here).
      - Daily Gentle Cleanse - For intestinal health, Liver Function and Fat digestion. These are not for everybody, but they've been great for me as I get bloated a lot :( I feel like bread, pasta, potatoes can sometimes bloat my belly and taking these has been great for me. 
Irwin Naturals, Daily Cleanse (get yours here).

My Summer Body Plan
To lower or totally cut out these foods:

- Alcohol (if you know you have that 'thing' coming up, replace it with red/white wine)

- Sweets, chocolates - replace with dried fruit, nuts, protein bars/shakes

- Fizzy drinks - replace with water or get yourself some sugar-free fruit squash if you want some taste

- Take aways - no, just no. It's much more fun to cook your own clean foods believe me. Just to put you off, once I ordered chinese and it had a saliva-look-a-like rice blob. Yup, never again.

- Juice (yes juice! it has way too much sugar check yourself! and choose water or green tea instead)

- Pasta, Bread, Rice - choose wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice 

And a little meal plan with some recommended options:

Stick to eggs + veggies
Or porridge (I love 'Oats so simple, golden syrup') it has a sweet taste and doesn't need no extra sugar or jam.
Try Detox teas!

Lean meats + veggies, brown rice with chicken or Tuna leaf salad
Snack: Protein bar/shake, nuts, fruit, fat-free yogurt.
(Recently I started to get those 'mixed leaf salad' £1 packs and keep them in my fridge, great little extra with eggs, ham, chicken etc)

Lean meats (Steak, chicken, beef)
I would advice to cook yourself, that way you know you're not adding no extra oils into your foods, if you know you're out all day tomorrow, pack food in containers! Saves money.

Also I would recommend to stick to only having one meal high in carbs. For example if you know you already had bread or rice for lunch, avoid pasta/rice/bread again for dinner and visa versa. 
And make sure you drink 2L of water each day, sometimes the feeling to 'snack' is just your body needing extra water, try drink a glass of water when feeling peckish.

Here are some of the girls I follow who I believe have inspirational, feminine (and not manly!) athletic bodies. And yes they all lift weights & do not starve themselves :)
(Michelle Lewin, Nikki Blackketter, Lais Deleon)

I've also received some feedback asking for some gym outfits and exercise routines which I have not forgotten about! As this post has gone on a little longer than usual I will surely be doing more, so feel free leaving me a comment for what you would like to see more of in the next Fitness related posts! Also let me know what you found useful :)

Hope you guys enjoyed it sorry I went on for ages but hope you feel a little bit more informed and motivated. So are you in to start your journey towards your new summer body? Cause I am!

Love, Skai x


  1. Wow! I'm super impressed as you sound extremely motivated. Very refreshing to read :) X


    1. Ah thanks so much lovely, appreciate that :)

      Skai x

  2. Hi, love your post! Do you have any tips on staying motivated?

    1. Hi Lily! Thanks for your lovely comment :)
      To stay motivated.. I would say 'motivation' is a very personal thing. You must find something/somebody that inspires you, for example I enjoy watching videos by Nikki Blackketter on Youtube she does great lifestyle related videos about workouts and her diet. Check her out she might be good to watch and be inspired by!
      Also main thing, surround yourself with people that inspire you, so stick to friends that make you feel better and not stressed and get away from those that only love to gossip/complain! Stick to positive people and not negative, they will lift you up more than you think! Hope that helps!

      Love, Skai x

  3. you look really great, thanks for sharing your tips :)

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. Hi Danielle!
      Thanks so much beauty! Appreciate that :)

      Love, Skai x

  4. This is a good plan! I tend to do the same thing - run, run, run and nothing else. I loose my but and keep my gut. no fun! All of my girlfriends who do weight training have such better results! Must start, too :)



    My Closet Life Blog

    1. Hi Kaley!
      Exactly, I used to do that all the time, weights are much better :)
      Let me know how you get on!

      Love, Skai x

  5. Hi do you have any tips on what to have as a quick pre gym snack? :) x

    1. Hi Chloe, I would suggest something with some carbs in it for some energy as you will need it in the gym! never go into the gym starving, you're gonna see it in your work out. Personally I usually grab one of my protein bars on the go and sometimes even have a coffee before. I'm not saying have a huge pasta dish haha, but like a slice of brown bread is good carbs to have and will produce energy through out your work out :)

      Hope that helps!
      Skai xx