Print Skirt - OOTD

Good evening! As I've mentioned before I am currently interning at Glass Magazine, I'm only there two days a week but it seems just enough to have enough time to include other things like an extra job or other activities.
Especially now that it is summer, I love the fact I don't have to spend Monday to Friday in a non-paid internship, it is so much better to intern & work if you can!
 I couldn't be more grateful for all the experience I've gained & yet to experience, I'm always happy to answer any questions regarding interning if you have any :) 
This week I was catching up with a good friend of mine and thought to capture a couple of shots of my outfit. I have been working a lot on small plans that I will be doing towards my own personal blog, including more posting! So i'm excited to be running my blog regularly, finally! I don't know why I do this to myself but I always give myself too many things to do and not enough time,  I'm always doing something, somewhere but not capturing it! So my little resolution for this year is to blog more about the things I'm doing including events, outfits and places I visit. 
What do you think?
| Golden Necklace - Ebay |
 | Pattern Skirt - Zara |
 Black Top - River Island |
| Black Sandal Heels - Zara |

Don't forget to comment on what you would like to see more in my next blog posts!

Love, Skai x


  1. I love this skirt and I really like background of your photos. Especially in first photo!

    1. Ah thank you Luc! Yeah it was very close to my internship in London & I love that mint coloured door! Ha! x

  2. Such a lovely post! That skirt and shoes are to die for!:) dailydoseofdarling.com